The micro really opened up with the Bad Boys of the laugh

Le micro réellement ouvert des Bad Boys du rire

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Erika Barao Suarez, Dolino (center) and Renzel Dashington. The Bad Boys of the laugh, are collected in a Ti-Agrikol, where they host their open mic nights.

“It is such that Africa will eventually be forgotten by History “, starts the joke Renzel Dashington when his friend and colleague Dolino points finally, for the photo session with a fifteen minutes delay, just the time when it was preparing to proceed without him. The first one is of haitian descent, the other was born in Congo and grew up in Cuba, before arriving in Montréal at the age of 15 years. Jokes of the genre, you will hear a and then another during the evenings comedy of Bad Boys of the laugh, who, every Thursday evening, warm up to white, with the public’s colorful Ti-Agrikol, nearby bar restaurant caribbean of the same name, street Atateken. Founded in 2017 by Renzel Dashington, 42 years old, the Bad Boys of the laugh is more akin to the clan (within the meaning hip-hop of the term) with variable geometry that the group’s defined borders, and on women, in spite of the manhood claimed its name. The best of these mics open is gathered twice a year during a gala event at the one harmed Plaza (next, titled Almost famous, will take place on 13 and 15 march).

After working in behind-the-scenes of the music world (to the sides of Corneille, in particular), Renzel Dashington decides, over the course of the quarantine, to give a chance to his old dream of youth — the humour, but soon realizes that it will be difficult to fine-tune its valves within an ecosystem comic, in which still prevails in the evenings of comedy, the unwritten rule that states that an alignment could not accommodate more than a artist non-white, or more of a woman.

For the contractor, it was necessary to arrange a space at the heart of which his colleagues racialized — a lot of first-generation immigrants — do not feel the need to disguise their identity in order to generate laughter, a reflex common in a comic novice, by definition in a state of survival.

“It is said that there is a lack of diversity in comedy in Quebec, but it is always the same problem : if you do not create a space where people can practice, they will not be ready on the day where a big opportunity is going to present,” observes one, who won with his compatriots the Impact award at the most recent edition of the Gala, Dynasty, for the black community in quebec.

“But the open mics, it is first of all a place that exists for us, so that we may learn who it is. “Renzel Dashington evokes, for example, his emphasis. “When I was younger, I was speaking with a quebecois accent strong,” he says, returning a moment, in a very compelling way, in a talk filled with “me pis toé” well fatty, as his accent, on a daily basis, let more shine through his legacy of haiti.

“I was speaking with a quebecois accent, because I had understood that, in a certain environment, it was easier to exist. If I had started in humor for 30 years, I would probably have a quebecois accent on stage today. If you don’t do the numbers in front of the public of Quebec white, you learn to know you through their eyes and their voices, rather than through yours. “

As at the Apollo

It was due to all the success harvested by Sugar Sammy with You’re Gonna Laugh, its only in the scene in franglais designed specifically for the montreal market presented 420 times at the Olympia, that Renzel Dashington is a measure of how far the medium of humor taken the wrong road by not shaping that very few shows celebrating the specificity multicultural montreal.

Even if the Bad Boys of the laugh, have signed an agreement with the box Still Show (Cathy Gauthier, Martin Matte, Arnaud Soly), and that they crisscross the province of Quebec in 2020 (they will be in Drummondville on march 25), Renzel Dashington feeds first and foremost the ambition that his evenings at Ti-Agrikol become for Montreal what the Apollo Theater was to Harlem : a destination. “We’re going to go there, to Matane, but my dream is that people from Matane to make the road up to us because they have heard of the Bad Boys of the laugh. “

Erika Barao Suarez, born to a father of cuban-chinese and a mother of Portuguese, would be difficult to better embody this Montreal groups. “I have the chance to be a chameleon. I was born here, but I ate my first poutine in 15 years ! “”Why ?” marvelled Renzel. “Because for us, this was not real food ! “This is not completely false.

“I have the opportunity on stage to speak as Quebec, but also tell the story of how I was raised under a regime of immigrant hyper severe. I have the material of two stand-up comedians ! “says the one that also belongs to the Bad Girls of laughter,” the chicks the funniest in town “, who organise their own evening at the Ti-Agrikol once per month (while a participant in the events of Bad Boys).

Dolino — one of the most dazzling star of the Bad Boys of the laugh, the charisma, sometimes quiet, sometimes explosive — dream about him so much to the tour of the vast Quebec than to that of Europe and Africa, where it has already made a few laps of the track to the sides of the French of tunisian origin, Samia Orosemane.

For Renzel, the next step is to ensure that more viewers to the white attend the evening parties of his band, and that more clubs white are involved — Simon Leblanc is already a regular.

Although they have been developed so that stand-up comedians of african origin, caribbean and Arabic are somewhere in a forum, the microphones are open to the Bad Boys of the laugh are truly open to all. “All the comedians that I meet when I go to the Brothel know what it is, the Bad Boys, but, surprisingly, nobody asks me a spot [to participate in their evenings]. However, all comedians need to test the materials… “

The word of the end ? “ Fuck humor ethnic ! ” lance Renzel. “All the world is the ethnicity of someone else. When someone uses the expression “humor ethnic”, it is for us to relegate to a sub-category. Bro, all I want to know is if I gave you a laugh or not. “


Almost famous

The Bad Boys of the laugh. To the one harmed Plaza, 13 and 15 march.

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