The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine has accused the British authorities of covering up the propagandist of the Kremlin

 МИД Украины обвинил власти Великобритании в покрывательстве пропагандиста Кремля

Embassy of Ukraine in great Britain reported that the country’s authorities ignored the appeal of the Ukrainian diplomats with the request to take measures against the Russian propagandist Graham Phillips.

“Once again Graham Phillips climbs out of the skin, to please the Kremlin curators. This time the attempt to provoke the Ukrainian Ambassador in Austria Alexander Szczerba. It is a pity that the British authorities ignored the appeal of the Embassy about the illegal activities of the Pro-Russian clown that denigrates the status of a citizen of the United Kingdom”

Embassy of Ukraine in the UK

We will remind, on the eve of Pro-Russian propagandist, former journalist of the Russian TV channel Russia Today Graham Phillips, has arranged fight with the Ambassador of Ukraine in Austria near the Ukrainian Embassy in Vienna.

Previously at the British Embassy explained that Graham Phillips had not implemented violations in the UK, which could become the basis for the British government to prohibit travel outside the country.

In August, Graham Phillips was detained in London for the attack on the Embassy of Georgia and attempted to disrupt an exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of the war in South Ossetia.