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Catherine Martellini

Special Collaboration

May 16, 2020

Le MBAM se dévoile

Solene de Bony / MBAM
Workshops of art-therapy online are offered each Friday.

This text is part of the special culture in your living room

With the exhibitions, which take over the major part of the daily life, it usually remains little space to think about the different ways to leverage the gold mine of content that contains the MBAM. The pandemic will have at least had this good as it allows you to take the time to think.

“Even if we had already started prior to the crisis to offer weekly appointments on-line, the current period requires us to be creative,” explains Marie-Claude Lizée, head of advertising, promotion and digital communications at the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal (MMFA).

Each Thursday, a series on careers unknown to the MMFA is broadcast on Facebook and Instagram. The videos are then posted on the museum’s Web site to allow interested persons who did not use these networks enjoy.

The first capsule was launched on 26 march with Richard Gagné, head of the department of restoration, who responded in a video, filmed by him and live in him, to the questions collected from the public two days in advance on social media.

“The excitement has exceeded our expectations, the video has been viewed more than 10,000 times on the two platforms “, she says.

It took a brave to stimulate other professionals from the museum to get to the bottom of their craft. Thus, we can learn more about the job of chief of the archives and library, technician for the restoration and framing, art therapist and curator of modern art. Four other crafts are planned for this series, which is part of the project ” the scenes at The MUSEUM “.

The questions will vary according to the degree of knowledge of the trade to light and focus mainly on the education and training required for the exercise and the challenges encountered in daily life : the works which have given some trouble to restaurant owners, a powerful exhibition in their career, etc

The art therapy workshops are also offered each Friday, as creative workshops for the whole family. In the coming weeks, videos will present some of the artists from the MMFA, in the example of Janick Deslauriers. This online offer is in addition to the educational platform ÉducArt for the students.

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