The montreal hospitals are under pressure

A patient, suffering from the COVID-19, is for more than 100 hours to the emergency room of the hospital Maisonneuve-Rosemont, in Montreal. Impossible to transfer on to the upper floors. There is a lack of places. In the metropolis, the management of the beds is tight. The Duty has learned from a reliable source that 818 patients infected by the coronavirus occupy hospital beds in Montreal.

The government Legault repeat : montreal hospitals are under pressure. “It is very tight currently in the region of Montreal, said Dr. Hoang Duong, president of the Association of specialists in internal medicine. One of the patients COVID who they are and who no longer need acute care in the hospital. They may return to their NURSING homes or their place of residence, but as there is a lack of staff [there], they can’t. They stay in the hospital. “

The president of the Association of emergency physicians of Quebec, Dr. Bernard Mathieu, said that he was concerned by the situation. The occupancy rate in the emergency of montreal increases. It was 74 % on Wednesday. “Last week, it was 62 %, said the emergency physician, who practice at Maisonneuve-Rosemont. There are more patients lying on stretchers, waiting for admission to hospital. “One of them waits for more than 100 hours. “It is not supposed to be there,” says Dr. Bernard Mathieu.

Before being transferred to the unit, patients admitted to the emergency Maisonneuve-Rosemont must obtain the result of their screening at the COVID-19. It takes 24 to 48 hours, indicates the CIUSSS of the East-of-the-Island-of-Montreal. With the outbreaks in the facility, the time of admission have also increased. “Sometimes we have to reorganize our units or to wait until a bed became available on the good unit,” said a communications adviser Christian Merciari.

The bed management is also a headache for other institutions. Since yesterday, three patients — from hospital Santa Cabrini hospital (Montreal), Anna-Laberge (Châteauguay) and the centre hospitalier de Lanaudière (Saint-Charles-Borommée, near Joliette) — have been transferred to the Centre hospitalier affilié universitaire régional (CHAUR) in Trois-Rivières, according to the CIUSSS of the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec. Two of them are in intensive care.

“We transfer patients out there to reduce the pressure on the island of Montréal “, said the minister of Health and social Services, Danielle McCann, in press briefing Wednesday.

The hospitals of the metropolis must deal with the case of COVID-19, which “slightly increase to Montreal,” explained the minister, but also with the hospital operations, which resumed their course. “We want to increase the volume of surgery at 50 % of the potential, said Danielle McCann. This is done gradually in Montreal. “

To achieve this goal, it will be necessary to free up beds, ” said Dr. Hoang Duong. “Many operations, particularly for cancers of the lung and breast, require a hospital stay after,” he says.


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Arenas made a contribution

To reduce congestion in the facilities, the CIUSSS and the CISSS build hospitals mobile. In Laval, a fifty-infected patients, in recovery, may be accommodated in a site built on the olympic ice rink of Place Bell. The opening date has not yet been determined.

To the Jacques-Lemaire arena, in the borough of Lasalle in Montreal, 11 patients with COVID-19 — mainly from the Lakeshore general hospital are now treated in a mobile hospital, according to the CIUSSS of the West-of-the-Island-of-Montreal.

The “buffer zones” have also been put in place in hotels and at the Hotel-Dieu of Montreal to support patients who are unable to return to their NURSING homes, their private seniors ‘ residence or their intermediate resource.

According to the minister Danielle McCann, 700 spaces are available in these “buffer zones” in Montreal. However, there is no staff to work there. “We make calls to people who would like to come to contribute, so I contribute to !, because we need this staff to see to people who would go in buffer zones, open up more of the buffer zones. “

To the intensive care unit, the situation is under control in the montreal region. On a capacity of approximately 500 beds, 144 are occupied by patients infected by the coronavirus and 112 by patients not attained, indicates a confidential source. This corresponds to approximately 50 % of the capacity of the hospitals in the region, ” adds this source.

With regard to hospital beds, The Duty was not able to get the total number of seats available. When asked about it Tuesday, the ministry of Health and social Services (MSSS) has not been able to provide a picture of the situation.

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