The mummy of the Shah in Iran was interested archaeologists

Мумия шаха в Иране заинтересовала археологов

In Iran, the burial place of the penultimate Shah Reza Pahlavi was found the mummy. Presumably, this is the body of the Shah, whose whereabouts were not known.

The remains were found during the reconstruction of the memorial complex Shah-Abdul-Azim in city of Rey, reports

Reza Pahlavi abdicated in 1944, the year he died in exile in South Africa. In 1950, the year his son, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, was built near the memorial complex of the year the mausoleum of Reza Pahlavi, but in 1980, after the Islamic revolution, it was destroyed. The body had not been found — it was believed that his in 1979 year, took the son of the Shah.

According to the head of the Council for cultural heritage, Tehran Hassan Aliabadi, the mummy may be the body of the deceased Shah. The body will be reburied once it will examine the experts. The grandson of the Shah, now living in the United States crown Prince Reza Pahlavi, Twitter told Iran “nothing to hide”.