The NBA players in the face of the laws of attraction at Disney World

Les joueurs NBA face aux lois de l’attraction chez Disney World

Les joueurs NBA face aux lois de l’attraction chez Disney World

To chase away the boredom, of the NBA players opt for the fishing.


July 27, 2020 8: 50am


The NBA players in the face of the laws of attraction at Disney World

Nicolas Pratviel

Agence France-Presse

LOS ANGELES — “no One is doing shit !!!” : there are those who are bored, such as the cree the back of Orlando’s Evan Fournier, and those who are living in the gilded bubble of Disney World, where NBA players will resume the season on Thursday.

This is almost three weeks as the stars of the orange ball have taken their quarters in the luxurious resort ESPN World wide Sports.

The delegations of the 22 teams, approximately 35 people, players included, are accommodated in three hotels. Away from his family, everyone stayed in quarantine in his room during the first 48 hours, the time to undergo two negative trials to the COVID-19, before being allowed to reconnect with his microcosm.

Conscious of the empty space to be filled outside of the training sessions and friendly matches, the League has provided players with activity almost 24 hours on 24.

A concierge service allows them to restrict access to pools, golf course, tennis courts… rent a bike. Rooms of video games or cards have been furnished. Many opportunities are also available via an application developed specially to facilitate their life in Mickey and allows them to deliver the food.

The question of the meal has quickly contributed to the discussions. Unsatisfied players, such as Joel Embiid (76ers), have not hesitated to show off pictures of their meal trays during the required quarantine period. Other were satisfied, such as Meyers Leonard (Miami) showing off his waffles in the shape of Mickey.

Cornhole, pool, beers

Now, they have a right to meals that are developed in collaboration with their staffs, and dieticians, bringing them back to a relative normality. “There’s just not a duck at dinner because Boris Diaw does not make the menus,” joked Evan Fournier on Twitter.

“If you’re talking about a five-star restaurant, this is not the case. But if we are talking about good food that’s fun to eat, yes this is the case,” said Alvin Gentry, the coach of New Orleans happy to restore “in containers that are biodegradable, which is very smart”.

So what looks like a typical day at Disney, away from the attractions closed to the public, coronavirus requires ?

“I woke up, I made a test, I went to lunch, I played video games, I spent a little time with my team mates, I trained, I came, we ate, always with my teammates, and then new video games, yet with my teammates. A big busy day”, was described by Quinn Cook (Lakers).

On the social networks flourish videos showing players killing time in the right mood, such as JJ Redick (New Orleans) a fun way to drink ass dry of beer cans such as college.

The Spurs hold tournaments for cornhole (throwing bags of corn into the hole of a board on a slant), the Celtics are playing beach volleyball when Enes Kanter and Marcus Smart are not racing frenzied swimming.

“This is not Syria”

The Denver Nuggets have also invested in the pool to train. “We cannot reinforce enough the idea of us,” said coach Michael Malone, seeing it as a way to solidify the links.

To relieve boredom, others opt for the golf or fishing, as Paul George (Clippers).

There are those who keep a diary, as JaVale McGee (Lakers) who films, edits, and disseminates almost daily videos of his “Life in the Bubble” on YouTube.

Many players have put things, like Steven Adams (Oklahoma City), for whom “this is not Syria, not more”. “This is not so hard as some say. We live in a damn resort. Everyone complains, has its own preferences, but this is not large-thing.”

“From time to time, you get bored, but that’s okay. There are moments where it is rather cool because you can chat with players of other teams”, he stressed.

Here’s a positive aspect to learn more about themselves, stuck his bubble in that of others and develop the social link, which is private to the rest of the population in the current context of pandemic rampant.

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