The new adventures of Sabrina : You may think what this episode special for Christmas ? Our verdict

The episode of Christmas of the New Adventures of Sabrina is available on Netflix ! But then, you think what ? Is it really the coup ? Here’s our verdict

There it is, it is finally here ! After weeks of teasing, Netflix has unveiled a special episode of Christmas for The New Adventures of Sabrina. The action takes place in the continuity of season 1 and just before season 2. So this was the perfect opportunity to reconnect with (almost) all the characters of the series, and even a few new heads. We offer already our verdict, but, by contrast, there is a risk of spoiler a bit so… It is at your own risk ! This episode, based on the winter solstice (the longest night of the year) has allowed Sabrina Spellman to find his deceased mother, Diana, the time of one invocation of spirits. But of course, everything does not happen as planned… And in a lot of bad waves, as well as witches, are entered into the house of Spellman. Ambrose, Hilda, Zelda, and even Leticia, the baby’s Father Blackwood have experienced great misfortunes. Ghosts, accidents, rehearsals and even a kidnapping came to animate the episode !

Les nouvelles aventures de Sabrina : On en pense quoi de cet épisode spécial Noël ? Notre verdict

The whole family Spellman was present

If the heroine in the New Adventures of Sabrina tried to bring back the calm in the heart of Greendale, it was hard… Especially as Sabrina Spellman has been facing a pain that, unfortunately, affects a lot of people in this period : The absence of those we love during the holiday season. We had the right to moments of delicate, but equally touching between Sabrina and her mother, or even Zelda and the baby Leticia, for example. In parallel, the teenage witch has attempted to revive links with Harvey Kinkle, but the reconciliations are looking good longer than planned. We wonder if the couple will return one day… especially since Harvey has asked Sabrina to never use magic for him, or for his loved ones, even if it started from a good intention. As for Rosalind and Suzie, they are also seen in this episode of Christmas, but one of the two lived a traumatic : Suzie has been kidnapped and was in danger of being transformed into a wax statue. Fortunately, the Spellman were able to save her in time !

Les nouvelles aventures de Sabrina : On en pense quoi de cet épisode spécial Noël ? Notre verdict

We’ve got a few chills !

In short, this episode of Christmas of the New Adventures of Sabrina was in the continuity of the first season aired last October on Netflix. We could see many heads familiar to you, but also find the elements that make up the charm of the series. Of the mysteries, a few moments of chills and suspense, of action, of witchcraft, a hint of humour, and all surrounded by kindness and love… As we are used to see ! This previously unseen episode will delight certainly all fans of the series. And if it ends not really a big cliffhanger (since it all usually ends up well when it comes to the Christmas theme, as you can imagine), we were already looking forward to the next episodes. Well, this is the season 2 of the New Adventures of Sabrina will land on April 5, 2019 on Netflix, and the trailer has already been unveiled !