The new material is restored by carbon in the air

A team of American scientists has developed a material able to recover using carbon dioxide from the air.

Новый материал восстанавливается за счет углерода в воздухе

The Americans on the moon: is it any doubt then?

The material, developed by chemists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology may react with carbon dioxide in the air for the growth, strengthening and even recovery. The polymer, which may one day be used as building or repair material for protective coatings, continuously converts the greenhouse gas into strengthening its carbon-containing material.

Version of the new material is a synthetic gel-like substance that a chemical process similar to how plants use carbon dioxide for growth of their tissues. Article about the work published in the journal Advanced Materials. It worked on Professor Michael Strano, postdoc Seon-Yong Kwak and eight other people from MIT and the University of California riverside.

The development of synthetic material, which does not need fossil fuels and consumes carbon dioxide from the air, has obvious advantages for the environment and climate. For the manufacture of the material, the researchers used a gel matrix consisting of polymer-based aminopropyldimethylamine (APMA) and glucose, glucose oxidase and chloroplasts. Combined with carbon it becomes stronger. This material is not sturdy for use in construction, but it is already possible to apply to fill cracks or cover.

The team is now focused on optimizing the material properties. Commercial application of such a self-healing coating and sealing means are feasible in the near future. It remains to make improvements in the chemical structure of the material before him, it will be possible to produce construction materials and mixes.

One of the main advantages of such materials is that they self-regenerate under sunlight or even artificial light in the room. If the surface is scratched or cracked, the damaged area will fill cracks and eliminate damage, not requiring any external influences.