The New Mutants : A romance LGBT between two super-heroes revealed

For the second time in a superhero movie from Fox, a lesbian couple is in the spotlight !

After having been postponed several times due to differences of timing, the release date of the New Mutants has finally been set for the month of August 2019, two months after X-Men Dark Phoenix. In the middle of the summer, so you can discover the abuse of Wolfsbane, Magik, Cannonball, Mirage, or Sunspot. Captured and imprisoned following the discovery of their mutant gene, these young people are going to have to do everything to accept their mistakes and escape from their prison. And in the midst of all this carnage, the love will rage. After the relationship, very little exploited, between Negasonic and Yukio in Deadpool 2, the studios at 20th Century Fox give a greater place to the diversity in celebrating a new couple’s LGBT. The excellent Maisie Williams, interpreter of Rahne Sinclair / Wolfsbane and Blu Hunt, aka Danielle Moonstar / Mirage will therefore be set, and against all odds.

Les Nouveaux Mutants : Une romance LGBT entre deux super-héros révélée

A fan who had the chance to see the test screening has revealed the information on Twitter. It is a new step forward for the Fox, after the fans have been disappointed by the screen time very light of the lesbian couple in Deadpool 2. Their relationship is absolutely not thorough, then that it was a first in a superhero movie. Let’s hope that the studios will catch up with the love story told in New Mutants, while Marvel studios has also come to announce the arrival of their first super-hero LGBT. If there are still big efforts to be done in the cinema of its kind, the bigwigs of the industry are beginning to understand the importance of representing all the facets of our world, either all genders, all sexual orientations or religious beliefs. The world is not linear, it is time that things change ! What do you think of the inclusion of this romance ?