The new start of Maxime Plante

It’s the Mid-Season Championship on Friday night at Autodrome Granby. And Maxime Plante sees this very important stage of the calendar as that of a new beginning.
“We had vibration problems on the car since the beginning of the season, which has resulted in a lot of problems, says Maskoutain. It’s not complicated, I do not know if I managed to complete three races until date. But there, we put the finger on the bobo. Finally, I will be able to push as much as everyone else. “

Plant is in its fifth season in modified, class in which it counts a career victory, won in Granby. But before, he was dominant in STR, where he kidnapped a championship and then another.

“The modified is something else, it’s the big deal. There is an adaptation that must be done, there is this experience that must be taken. ”

But at 22, he still has plenty of time in front of him. And the talent is there.

“I am well surrounded. And I like it so much! There is nothing that beats the adrenaline of driving a race car. Honestly, I see myself doing this for a very long time … ”

Plante participates in the championship at Granby and Saint-Marcel. He also runs alternately in Drummondville and Plattsburgh.

In family

The stock-car on clay, it is truly family with the Plante. Maxime’s sister, Josianne, also runs modified while the mother and father of the drivers, Sylvie and Réjean, himself a former competitor, are at the head of the team.

“People often ask me how do I like to live my passion for my sport as a family,” says Maxime. Most honestly, I love it. There is even something moving in there. We have fun together, we live our disappointments together, we are all there for each other. Our parents do a lot for us and we appreciate it. ”

And between Josianne and Maxime, there is no competition. By the way, Josianne is currently ahead of Maxime in the standings.

“We love each other too much and we respect each other too much to make trouble on the track. We joke sometimes, I tell him sometimes that I’m going to brew her, but I would never do that. If, one evening, one must let the other go, he will do it.

“Shopping is a big family trip here. To live such an intense passion in the family is a real privilege. ”

And now that the vibration problems on his car seem set, everyone is going to have more fun.

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