The New Yorker has chosen the best books 2018

The New Yorker выбрал лучшие книги 2018 года

Popular American magazine The New Yorker has named the top 9 books in 2018. The description says that “each of these books makes what is said Alexander Pope: “they return us the image of our mind”.

Best books 2018 from The New Yorker:

  • Lisa Holliday — Asymmetry
  • Jordy Rosenberg — Confessions of the Fox
  • Diana Evans — Ordinary People
  • Lisa Brennan-Jobs — Small Fry
  • Sayaka Murata — Convenience Store Woman
  • Lauren Groff — Florida
  • Rachel’s Piece — Kudos
  • Akaki Of Amazi — Freshwater
  • Avitema Kumar — Immigrant, Montana

Was previously named nominees for the award book of the year BBC-2018. And in London announced the shortlist for the man Booker prize, awarded in the field of English literature. The British newspaper the Independent has compiled a list of the best children’s books.