The next “song school” will be signed by Damien Robitaille [VIDEO]

La prochaine «chanson à l'école» sera signée par Damien Robitaille [VIDÉO]

Damien Robitaille

April 15, 2020 10.03 a.m.

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The next “song school” will be signed by Damien Robitaille [VIDEO]

La prochaine «chanson à l'école» sera signée par Damien Robitaille [VIDÉO]

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The schools may have closed their doors to pupils because of the pandemic of COVID, the initiative of A song to the school is organized within the framework of the Journées de la culture (JDC) is maintained. And this is Damien Robitaille who has been chosen to compose the original song of the JDC.

September 25, 2020, hundreds of thousands of children will be invited to sing this piece, Damien Robitaille, and thus give the kick off of the 24th JDC, unveiled Wednesday, 15 April, Culture for all, the umbrella body for these Days.

By then, the song has made its way into more than 1,000 schools, of which half are located in Quebec and some 172 elsewhere in Canada, considers the organization.

“I’m very, very looking forward to the month of September,” says Damien Robitaille, in a video put online on Tuesday to the platform Vimeo. Guitar in hand, the author-composer-performer invites the teachers to participate and register in large numbers.

Culture for all / Damien Robitaille

“Needless to say that after this long period of estrangement and isolation, the return to school in September next will be an emotional moment for the students and the teacher·e·s. I want to write a song that will help to repair relationships, rebuild friendships and strengthening the sense of community across the country,” promised Damien Robitaille.

“To hear hundreds of thousands of young voices singing one of my works will be, without doubt, a unique experience and touching” [because] there is no better way to unite than to sing in the choir !” says the singer, franco-ontarian, who can sign this song is a ” privilege “.

Live Concert

Damien Robitaille has planned to offer this Wednesday, 15 April at 17 h, a short performance live, mode confinement. This video will be posted on the page Facebook of the Manufactures cultural.

Culture for all suggests that teachers interested in the initiative will serve as a complement to the toolkit designed for A song to the school.

This tool-kit will be available in June. It will include the lyrics, the musical score and two versions of the song (an instrumental, the other with the artist and a children’s choir), as well as ideas of interpretation.

The registration can be done here.

After this “too long to leave, forced all of the sweet madness is capable of Damien Robitaille will surely be welcome” in schools, said the president and ceo of Culture pour tous, Louise Sicuro.

The initiative will celebrate its fifth edition. Koriass, Les sœurs Boulay, Alex Nevsky and Elisapie have signed the songs of the previous years.

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