The “nice bikers” on the streets for kids

Bullying and abuse leave traces on a child’s life. The bikers of the group Bikers against child abuse will be in the streets of Quebec City Saturday to send a clear message: do not be afraid to denounce, we are here to accompany you.
The start of the 100-mile BACA hike will be at 10:15 am Saturday from Prémont Harley-Davidson, and all are invited to participate.

“All the chapters of BACA in the world will be rolling for the kids that day. The pennies remain in BACA, it is to buy patches for children, doggies, backpacks, it is to pay the helpline that we have for children. The sub we collect are used for that, it is not used to put gas in our bicycles, “says Walther (all bikers use a fictitious name to protect their identity).

More than 300 BACA chapters exist in nearly 17 countries. Their role is to create a safe environment for children who are physically, sexually or emotionally assaulted.

This is the first hike organized by the chapter of Quebec, founded in 2018. Following the hike, a festive evening is organized at the Plateau Community Center. Tickets are sold for $ 20.

“The message we want to make is that you do not have to be afraid to denounce the attacker. The harm they do to a child, he is there all his life. It can destroy him. We often meet older madams or gentlemen, and they tell us that they are still marked by their attacker and that they would have needed us when they were young, “says Walther, president of the association of Quebec.

Presence needed

It’s been a year since BACA has been in the capital. Its members lament that their existence is necessary.

“The need, it’s everywhere. And what we know is only the tip of the iceberg. We can not name the number of children we help in Quebec, but we are well settled. We would prefer that BACA does not exist, but the demand is there. We will be there for all the children who need it, the maximum we can help, “says Walther.

All the bikers of BACA – nice bikers, will specify Walther – are members voluntarily. Whether it is a court accompaniment when it comes time to testify or a presence in front of the house to allow the young person to sleep in peace, the bikers will be on duty.

“We’re not here to intimidate an attacker, we’re not allowed to get in touch with him, not even to watch him. What we do is bring comfort to the child. Our job is to make sure that the child is not afraid. We are not stakeholders. Our job is to be present, “he adds.

Do these nice bikers make a difference? “We live it, it works and it works. When we take a child under our wing, we see the change after the first meeting. When we give him his little jacket, he begins to grow after that day. We give him confidence again. ”

It is possible to join the association on the help line (418 580-2131) at any time.

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