The number of deaths is increasing: in Europe sounded the alarm because West Nile

Количество смертей растет: в Европе забили тревогу из-за лихорадки Западного Нила

Last week was 17 new cases

Three people died from West Nile fever after the outbreak in Athens, which has infected 60 people this year.

This was stated by the Greek government, assuring that closely monitors the situation, says European truth with reference to AFP.

“Last week we recorded 17 new cases”, — stated in the message of the Hellenic centre for control and prevention of diseases.

Since the beginning of the year, 60 cases, 16 people are still in the hospital, four of them in intensive care.

Basically, the infection happened within the last month.

“That’s why we warn the public,” said a Greek official.

Last year, Greek authorities recorded 48 cases, with the result that there have been five deaths.

The virus can cause symptoms similar to flu-like symptoms, but in extreme cases it can lead to tremor, fever, coma and a lethal swelling of the brain tissue known as encephalitis. It can also cause meningitis.

First discovered in Uganda in 1937, the virus is birds and transmitted to humans by mosquitoes. He comes from Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia.

“It is necessary that health professionals and national and local authorities have to be vigilant, as it is impossible to predict what regions may spread the virus,” said the Greek service.

Cases of West Nile virus was registered in 2018, Hungary, Italy, Romania and Serbia, according to the European centre for the prevention and control of diseases. In Italy the disease killed two people, and one in Serbia.

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