The number of victims of coronavirus is close to 30 thousands: what happens in Ukraine and abroad (updated)

Число жертв коронавируса приближается к 30 тысячам: что происходит в Украине и мире (обновляется)

Coronavirus continues to attack the countries of the world: the number of infected is almost 600 thousand people, more than 27 thousand deaths. Spain set a new record of deaths from the disease. In Ukraine, the first case of infection was recorded in two regions – Poltava and Khmelnytskyi. “Apostrophe” talks about everything that happens in Ukraine and the world.

08:03 According to the latest daNm there are 597 335 infected with a virus. 27 365 people died. A leader in mortality is Italy: where the coronavirus has died 9 134. Next are Spain (5 138), China (3 177), Iran (2 378) and France (1 995).

07:40 For the past day, according to the health Ministry in Ukraine has revealed 92 cases of infection with the virus. 310 all already infected.


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