The observatoire de la Place Ville-Marie puts an end to his activities

L’observatoire de la Place Ville-Marie met fin à ses activités

Photo: Pedro Ruiz Archives The Duty
The observatory is inaugurated in 2016, offered a view of 360 degrees of the city of Montreal.

Closed temporarily at the beginning of the crisis of the COVID-19, the observatory located at the top of Place Ville-Marie, will cease its activities permanently, learned The Duty.

The observatory, which occupied the 45th and 46th floors of the landmark tower had been inaugurated in 2016, with investments estimated at $ 13 million. It offered a view of 360 degrees of the city of Montreal. The businessman Alexandre Taillefer had participated in the launch of a project called At the Top of Place Ville-Marie via his company Mishmash (XPND). It has, however, indicated the Need to on Friday that his company was no longer involved in the case.

At the Top of Place Ville-Marie has confirmed the Duty for its decision to put an end to the activities permanently. “At the Top of Place Ville-Marie take advantage of this time of judgment imposed by the COVID-19 to begin a reflection on the vocation and the use of the space that currently occupies the observatory 360 of PVM to better meet the needs of the tenants of the PVM and of the Greater Montreal community,” said by e-mail Geneviève Touchette, executive director of the organization.

It said that 26 people were working at the observatory, and that employees with more than three months of seniority would be entitled to an allowance representing the equivalent of 8 weeks of work.

These job losses do not concern employees at The restaurant les enfants terribles, which will resume operations as soon as the health authorities allow, stressed Ms. Touchette. The restaurant is housed at the 44th floor of the building.

Partner in the project, the company Ivanhoe Cambridge, the owner of the Place Ville-Marie, stated that it supported the decision At the Top of Place Ville-Marie.

When the observatory had been inaugurated in 2016, the promoters planned to accommodate approximately 300,000 visitors per year. In addition to the stunning views, the observatory offered various activities, such as shows, tastings, yoga sessions and conferences. The Press reported however, the last year that traffic was less than expected, according to the results of the third quarter of 2018 of the company XPND.

The decision At the Top of Place Ville-Marie to cease its activities as no surprise to Tourism Montreal. It is clear that the major work of revitalization has been undertaken in recent years on the esplanade of Place Ville-Marie and at the foot of the building have not helped the cause of the observatory and have complicated the access, writes Manuela Goya, vice-president of Tourism Montreal : “The COVID may have been the last nail in his coffin. […] The story we tell, but the observatory could be one of the first companies that are the victims of the COVID-19. “

Tourists absent

The tourist season promises to be difficult in Montreal because of the pandemic. “We had the 2020 outstanding prospects, both for the business tourism as for the tourism regular,” said Ms. Goya. We drove on a highway. It has not been halted, it was stopped net. A true brick wall. “

The organization has had to review its ambitions, but it has already prepared an advertising campaign that will be launched as soon as the déconfinement may operate. In the meantime the museums and the restaurants could reopen their doors, Tourisme Montréal will put all his energy on to Montreal, and then on the clients in the regions and Ontario. “We hope that Ontarians will come back “, said Ms. Goya. Uncertainty persists, however, about the ability of Americans to cross the border.

Business tourism, which represents annual benefits of $ 55 million in normal circumstances, is expected to resume in September or October, but the assemblies should be more modest, ahead of Manuela Goya.

Last year, Montreal had welcomed 11.1 million tourists. “We do not dare to count for the moment,” said Ms. Goya. What are the Montreal duo that are the main attraction of the city, ” she says. “Montreal is alive, but in this moment, she is snoozing. It is like the sleeping beauty. “

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