The Office Of the Legends, Vikings, The Walking Dead : Focus on the agenda of the winter myCANAL

Le Bureau Des Légendes, Vikings, The Walking Dead : Focus sur l'agenda hivernal myCANAL

The winter is here, it is time to put you under the duvet and discover what it is that CANAL+ has for you !

The night, the cold, the rain, the blues of the month of November… all are good excuses to stay cooped up at home and perfect his culture serial. You are looking for anything to occupy your long evenings of cocooning ? Then the catalog winter CANAL+ should appeal to you. Small news as The girlfriend prodigious, adaptation of the novels of Elena Ferrante, and Hippocrates, novelty long-awaited CANAL+, the series that carton in the United States as This Is Us, from the great classics like American Horror Story and The Walking Dead, you should easily find your happiness on myCANAL. Focus on a catalog that gives us only one desire : to cancel all our plans (and stay warm in our plaid) !

This Is Us season 3 : Wednesdays, at the time US on myCANAL and every Sunday at 20: 50 on CANAL+ SERIES

The talented Milo Ventimiglia has not finished to seduce us in the role of Jack Pearson and after more than two seasons, This Is Us continues to make us laugh and cry in every episode. The family Pearson, in appearance quite normal, again shows his secrets in season 3, which promises to be just as successful as the previous two.

American Horror Story : Revelation : Every Friday time US on myCANAL and every Friday at 22: 20 on CANAL+SERIES

Amateurs of chills, look no further ! The season 8 of American Horror Story is available, and that Revelation has everything it takes to make you cold in the back. Ryan Murphy continues to ride the success of his anthology with a cast always 5 star (Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Adina Porter, Emma Roberts, Kathy Bates, Connie Britton, Jessica Lange, etc.).

The Big Bang Theory season 12 : All the Fridays time US on myCANAL and every Monday at 20: 50 on CANAL+SERIES

The geeks of The Big Bang Theory is to find all the Fridays in new episodes of season 12. The opportunity to see that Penny, Leonard, Sheldon and the whole gang become in the final season of the cult series.

Young Sheldon season 2 : Every Friday time US on myCANAL and all the Mondays at 22h10 on CANAL+SERIES

If you like The Big Bang Theory, you should love its spin-off, Young Sheldon. Between tenderness and humor, the series focuses on the child prodigy that is Sheldon Cooper for many years before he met Leonard and the others.

The Orville season 1 : Available on myCANAL for 30 days from November 5,

We can do in science-fiction and humor, and that’s what The Orville has proven. The series from Seth MacFarlane with Adrianne Palicki, Victor Garber, and many guest stars tells the adventures of the USS Orville, a spaceship for the Fleet of the Union Planetary. Seth MacFarlane plays Ed Mercer, a captain recently divorced who discovers that his second will be his ex-wife. Oops.

Escape at Dannemora : from the 19 November on myCANAL and 20 on CANAL+SERIES

Based on real events, the new release from Showtime tells of the escape of two murderers from a prison in the State of New York, as well as the man-hunt of great magnitude that it has caused. The series is produced by Ben Stiller and the cast include Patricia Arquette, Benicio del Toro and Paul Dano. Big names, an intriguing history and a background of truth, Escape at Dannemora promises already we are passionate about it, and she lands at the end of November on myCANAL.

Hippocrates season 1 : from the 26 November on CANAL+ and myCANAL

Small novelty to the French more than promising, Hippocrates, is a series of medical centered on three internal still inexperienced and a medical examiner will have to block to manage only the service and the sick, while the holders are placed in quarantine. It is made by Thomas Lilti, a former doctor turned, which guarantees the realism of the series. Next to casting, we can notably find Louise Bourgouin, Alice Belaïdi, or even Géraldine Nakache.

Vikings season 5B : from the 30th of November and every Thursday at the time US on myCANAL and CANAL+SERIES

The reign of Ivar has just started and it has not ceased to impose its power on Kattegat. Suffice to say that we can’t wait to know what Lagertha, Bjorn and the others going to be in this new era of dark and brooding looks. It is on myCANAL that we can know, as the second part of the season 5 of the Vikings , arriving there on 30 November.

The girlfriend prodigious season 1 : In December on CANAL+ and myCANAL

The bestselling novels of Elena Ferrante arrive on the small screen and it is on myCANAL that you will be able to discover. The saga that plunges us into the heart of Italy tells the story of Elena Greco, the so-called Lenù, and her best friend, Rafaella Cerullo or Lila. Between personal tragedies and professional achievements, adaptation, signed HBO promises to be both fascinating and bewildering.

Fear The Walking Dead season 4 : Available in full on myCANAL

Always more zombies ! If The Walking Dead not enough for you, you can throw on its spin-off, Fear The Walking Dead, with Alycia Debnam-Carey, Kim Dickens, Maggie Grace, Lennie James and a whole bunch of players more talented than others. The last season of the series, which takes place before the adventures of The Walking Dead, is to find it in full on myCANAL.

The Office Of Legends : Seasons 1 to 4 available in full on myCANAL

Who said that France didn’t do the series great ? The Office Of the Legends immerses us in the world of the DGSE, and the foreign intelligence services the French. Recruitment sources, dramas, mysteries, and all with a cast of talented (Mathieu Kassovitz, Artus, Mathieu Amalric, Sara Giraudeau, etc.). A success made in France which is worth the detour.

Killing Eve : Available in full on myCANAL

The adaptation of the novels Codename Villanelle of Luke Jennings is a success story to devour without moderation. In this drama mixed with thriller English, you can find Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy) and Jodie Comer embody, respectively, Eve and Villanelle. An employee of MI-5, a killer for hire international and a strange fascination mutual, all tinged with a good touch of humor and a little absurdity, what more could you ask ?

Castle Rock : Available in full on myCANAL

If you said Stephen King and J. J. Abrams, you answer ? Castle Rock, well-seen. The series horror anthology takes its inspiration from Stephen King novels whose scenes and characters are transposed on the small screen.

Mayans MC : Available in full on myCANAL

Fans of Sons of Anarchy can rejoice : the adventure is not over since the spin-off Mayans MC is available in its entirety on the myCANAL. What to immerse yourself in the world of Sons of Anarchy four years after the end of the intrigues of the cult series signed FX.

The Little Drummer Girl : In this moment, all the Mondays on myCANAL

It has just started but it is already caught in the plot of the miniseries The Little Drummer Girl. The adaptation of the eponymous novel by John le Carré with Florence Pugh, Alexander Skarsgård, Michael Shannon or Charles Dance will tell us about the misadventures of an actress who, without knowing it, falls under the spell of a secret agent of israel in Greece. Needless to say, she would find herself in trouble up to his neck…

The Walking Dead season 9 : Every Monday time US on myCANAL and at 20.45 on OCS CHOC

It no longer has The Walking Dead, and especially not after a ninth season that starts on the hats of wheels. Zombies, drama, and a desire for survival trumps everything else and a group of now legendary. Difficult to miss…