The official top 10 most popular universities of Ukraine

Составлен официальный топ-10 самых популярных вузов Украины

The rankings were compiled by the Ministry of education and science

Became known, the top ten Ukrainian universities, who were often selected graduates and, due to this, the training institutions managed to increase their government contracts.

The rankings were compiled by the Ministry of education and science, announced today at a briefing the Minister Liliya Hrynevych, reports UNN.

“The current system of broad competition act which enables the applicants to fulfill their dream and learn where they want. The result was that certain universities managed to increase its state order, because they chose applicants with the highest scores,” – said Grinevich.

In addition, she said that this year was the lowest in the history of Ukraine, the number of high school graduates.

According to Grinevich, in contrast to the view that a tender will lead to the fact that all entrants will choose only the capital’s universities, in the ranking of the top 10 are six regional universities: two of them – in Lviv, one of the Dnieper and three in Kharkov.

Ranking the top 10 universities in the number of budget places looks like this:

  1. Lviv national University named after Ivan Franko + 391
  2. Kiev Polytechnic Institute named after Igor Sikorsky + 351
  3. Polytechnica Dnipro + 189
  4. Lviv Polytechnic + 184
  5. KNU. Taras Shevchenko + 165
  6. National University of life and environmental Sciences + 163
  7. Kharkiv national University. V. N. Karazin + 153
  8. Kyiv-Mohyla Academy + 146
  9. Kharkiv national economic University named after. Seeds Of A Blacksmith + 138
  10. Kharkiv national University of radio electronics + 94.

Also according to the Ministry, Ukraine has formed four major University center. Central – city Kyiv, which has 27.7% of the total number of state order of the Eastern Kharkiv region is 12.5%, West – Lviv oblast – 11,2%, and the southern, which is formed by two regions – the Dnipropetrovsk – 6.2% and Odessa region -5,1%, that is together is 11.3 percent of the total state order.

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