The Order : The series, Netflix will be entitled to a season 2 ?

The first season of The Order is available on Netflix for the past few days, and ends unexpectedly. Is it that the series will have the right to a sequel ?

For those of you who have not yet seen in their catalog, The Order, it is the new series Netflix for fans of Teen Wolf or Shadowhunters. First of all, pay attention to the spoilers in what is to follow. The fantasy series which has landed a few days ago on the streaming platform, ends on an end of the most surprising. In fact, The Order Sealed the Blue Rose takes the control of the University of Belgrave and clears the memory of the knights of Saint Christopher. Vera Stanhope is at the head of the secret society of black magic after being associated with the wolves in order to defeat Edward Coventry, the first leader of the Order.

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If it was thought that the two secret societies could live in perfect harmony on the campus, Vera (who could be the new antagonist of the series) decides to erase the memory of Jack and other werewolves. Even Alyssa, who said to him finally, his flame betrays him. For the moment, The Order has not been renewed by Netflix, but with this end is very open, the writers have enough to write a sequel as surprising as the first season. In addition, the series will also answer the many questions that arise regarding the ten episodes of season 1 that we gave you our first impressions.