The output of the Tenet postponed to mid-August

La sortie de Tenet repoussée à la mi-août

La sortie de Tenet repoussée à la mi-août

Robert Pattinson and John David Washington in a scene from <em>Tenet.</em>


June 26, 2020 16h46


The output of Tenet postponed to mid-August

Agence France-Presse

NEW YORK — The release of the new film by Christopher Nolan, Tenet, which is expected to accelerate the return to the rooms after closures related to the coronavirus, has finally been again postponed, from July to August.

If the rooms have started to reopen in several countries in Europe and the United States, the networks were firmly on this blockbuster” to attract the audience, sometimes reluctant to go to the cinema while there is still no treatment or vaccine against the COVID-19.

After a first postponement of the 17 to 31 July, studio Warner Bros has announced that the expected date for the release of the film was now scheduled to begin on 12 August.

The studio, a subsidiary of the telecommunications group AT&T, intends to leave the feature film “when the networks of rooms and the health authorities would feel that it is the right time,” said a spokesperson for Warner Bros in a statement sent Friday to the AFP.

“In this period, we need to be flexible and we do not consider this as an output in the traditional,” added the spokesperson.

Warner Bros has decided to release the film on a Wednesday, so that on the day of output in the United States is traditionally the Friday, “to allow the public to see the movie at his convenience”.

The studio also plans to allow Tenet to stay in rooms “much longer” than usual, a strategy that is “very different” from the standard, said the spokesperson.

Film espionage incorporating supernatural elements, Tenet is in line with the films of Christopher Nolan, whose film the spectacular and innovative design has made it one of the filmmakers of the most popular in the world.

From Memento to Dunkirk, passing through the trilogy of Batman, the director has created a universe that attracts the public.

With a colossal budget of$ 280 Million, according to several u.s. media, the Tenet is for the main actor John David Washington, the son of actor Denzel Washington.

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