The pandemic of COVID-19 night care-oncology in Quebec, according to a survey

La pandémie de COVID-19 nuit aux soins en oncologie au Québec, selon un sondage

April 16, 2020 9h52


The pandemic of COVID-19 night care-oncology in Quebec, according to a survey

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MONTREAL – Nearly two-thirds of quebecers with different types of cancer say they are currently affected in the continuity of their care by the crisis of the COVID-19 that is rampant in Quebec.

A survey of the Coalition priorité Cancer au Québec conducted with 592 of these sick people spread in almost all regions suggests that 60,8 % of them have seen their care affected by the management of the health crisis.

Among the respondents, 66.7 per cent have admitted to feelings of anxiety, or a worsening of their mental health problems already existing because of the context of a pandemic. The main causes are the difficulty or the impossibility of access to treatment, the risk of putting into play their vital prognosis, the fear of contracting the COVID-19, and isolation that prevents them to receive the support of their loved ones.

Among the respondents who feel affected by the postponement or cancellation of an appointment, more than one-third have been affected in the monitoring of their situation.

The Coalition priorité Cancer au Quebec therefore recommends that the government of quebec to reorganize certain services so that monitoring can be maintained.

She also wants a recovery plan to implement after the pandemic keeps track of the waiting time for all procedures.

The Coalition also hopes to put in place a special line for oncology patients so that they can communicate with professionals.

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