The patients healed would not be reinfected, according to the WHO

Les patients guéris ne seraient pas réinfectés, croit l’OMS

Photo: Olivier DOuliery Agence France-Presse
The WHO believes that the screening tests on the people who were healed detect lung cells and dead residues to viral non-infectious.

Patients who have beaten the coronavirus and SARS-CoV-2 is then detected again would not be victims of a re-infection, says the world Health Organization.

The un agency believes, rather, that the screening tests detect dead cells are expelled by the lungs, reports the british newspaper Daily Mail.

Fears of infection have surfaced in South Korea, where some 300 patients healed, and then apparently reinfected, have been identified.

Rather, it would test “false positives” due to lung cells and dead residues on the viral non-infectious.

Some of these patients had respiratory symptoms, but officials in south korea estimate that this was most likely not due to the coronavirus.

Any infection caused by a patient cured who then tested positive is not reported.

The WHO warns, however, that we do not yet understand why the virus is not detected in some patients immediately after their healing, but again a few weeks later.

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