The people of Marseille in Thailand with a candidate is emblematic of Secret Story, the cast incredible Angels 11 unveiled… The little tv of the week

This week, a lot of things happened in the small world of the tv !

This week in the little tv, we speak to you of this former candidate is emblematic of “Secret Story” which should integrate the cast of the Marseillais during the next season in Thailand. On his side, Carla Moreau is displayed jealous of the connection between Stephanie and Kevin Guedj in The Marseille vs. the rest of the World 3, and it, moreover, has not hesitated to tackle the candidate during a recent interview. Always side Marseille, a candidate would have already signed his contract to participate in the next season of Angels 11 on NRJ12, and you will see that this is a big surprise for everyone.

Les Marseillais en Thaïlande avec un candidat emblématique de Secret Story, le casting incroyable des Anges 11 dévoilé... Le récap télé de la semaine

Then she made a brief appearance in The Villa, the battle of the couples, Alix Marseille vs. the rest of the World 3 has balanced that Vivian wasn’t really sincere with Beverly. For their part, the big winners Jesta and Benedict have confessed that they had refused to participate in Moundir and apprentices adventurers 3 for a reason quite astonishing. After the Vacancy of the Angels 3, Léana violently down a candidate of the Marseillais, and you will see that it is unexpected. Finally, Shanna Kress has posted in lingerie ultra sexy on the social networks, which has done much the reaction of the internet users.

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In The Love is in the Meadow 2018, it was learned that Vincent and Pascale knew each other before the shooting. The two candidates, who are still together today, have in effect admitted that they had met before the speed-dating, which explains a lot of things on their thunderbolt. During the prime of Dancing with the stars 9, it is Pamela Anderson who was eliminated from the competition. The vise tightens around the candidates still in the race, and the level comes up to clear it up a notch ! On the side of the candidate of 10 couples perfect 2 as the grip tightens more and more, since after having discovered the match between Noée and Lorenzo, our forecasts are more reliable than ever !