The pipe has to leave the DBR

Труба обязан покинуть ДБР

The novel Pipe, which never launched a full-time job entrusted to him in the office of the State Bureau of investigation, will be forced to leave his post. The Director of the RRT falls under the law on lustration. So, the District administrative court of Kyiv considered the claim of people’s Deputy Yuri Macedon on the existence of grounds for lustration of the Director of RRT of the Novel Pipe and decided to meet.

“Today the District administrative court of Kyiv had completed consideration of the case №826/14960/18 on the suit of Yuri Macedon to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine and the Ministry of justice of Ukraine on recognizing unlawful inaction of the defendants failure to properly check on the spread of the law of Ukraine “About the cleansing power” to the Director of the State Bureau of investigation of the Novel Pipe”, — the press-service of the court.

The court made the decision on partial satisfaction of claims and recognized illegal the inaction of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, which is “failure to properly check regarding the possibility of extending part 3 of article 1 of the law of Ukraine “About the cleansing power” of the Novel Pipe” and “the unconverted in the Ministry of justice of Ukraine on the incorporation of a Novel Pipe in the Unified state register of persons in respect of whom applied the provisions of the Law of Ukraine “About the cleansing power””.

Also, according to a source publication “Columnist and now Director of the RRT falls under the lustration. It is known that the Pipe involved in a scandalous case against evromaydanovtsa Andrew Shevtsova. The Prosecutor petitioned the judge on his own recognizance last beyond the city. He came to the aid of students who went to the Maidan in Kiev. Case subsequently closed, after the victory of the revolution of dignity. However, the novel Tube and do not fall under the lustration for the persecution of evromaydanovets. But the Prosecutor was promoted and moved to Kiev, where he first worked in the Prosecutor’s office, and then in the law firm of “rights Sector”.

Recall that in August this year the Deputy from BPP Yuri Macedonia filed a lawsuit against the Roman Pipes. The politician made a demand to challenge the appointment of the Director of RRT.

Also on August 16 to work in RRG has launched the first 42 winners of the contest for posts in the Central apparatus of the Ministry. And, as for 27 candidates, of which the competition Commission recommended that in senior positions, their appointment, he was rejected because of allegedly baseless destruction of the results of passing the polygraph, which essentially stalled the launch of a law enforcement Agency.

In September, the Committee on legislative support of law enforcement urged to check the legality of the Pipe.

The state Bureau of investigation is a law enforcement Agency, which will investigate crimes committed by law enforcement personnel, judges and senior officials, with the exception of cases, defendants National anti-corruption Bureau. GBR finally sorted on the function of pretrial investigation from the Prosecutor’s office.