The poisoning to disinfectants on the rise in Canada

Les empoisonnements aux produits désinfectants en hausse au Canada

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Cleaning products, including bleaches and disinfectants may be toxic or even fatal if they are ingested.

The number of cases of poisoning or exposure to hand sanitizers, disinfectants, products for household cleaning and bleach has risen dramatically in Canada in recent months.

Poison control centres in Canada have received 58 % more cases of this type, between February and march, compared to the same period last year, reported Tuesday evening, Health Canada.

The ministry has therefore considered it important to warn Canadians against the risks of poisoning related to improper use of these products whose application and use explode to the country to fight against the COVID-19.

“Always read and follow the instructions on the labels of products,” summarizes the federal ministry in a press release.

Health Canada reminds that the Bleach — a chlorine-based product that can be used to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses — can irritate or burn the skin, eyes or lungs.

“Do you wash ever, nor do not wash your children with Bleach or diluted Bleach, written by Health Canada. Don’t ingest never for household cleaning products or Bleach. “

The ministry recalls that the washing of hands with water and soap for at least 20 seconds is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

Hand sanitizers should never be ingested and should be kept at all times out of the reach of children.

“Always supervise young children when using hand sanitizer, because the ingestion of small quantities may be harmful or fatal. “

Liquids, sprays and wipes designed to be used on hard surfaces to kill germs should be used in well ventilated areas.

Again, it is important to “never drink or inject” these products are disinfectants and keep out of the reach of children.

The us president, Donald Trump had alluded to two weeks ago the idea of injecting disinfectants as a treatment against the COVID-19.

As soon as the next day of this statement made at the podium of the White House, manufacturers, including Lysol, were reminded that their products should not be injected or ingested, and scientists had denounced these comments as they consider it dangerous.

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