The police began mass arrests “yellow jackets” in Paris

Полиция начала массовые задержания «желтых жилетов» в Париже

On 8 December, the beginning of a new wave of protests in Paris French police have detained about 480 so-called “yellow jackets.”

Полиция начала массовые задержания «желтых жилетов» в Париже

According to Le Figaro, the situation in the French capital worsened after ACC crowd of protesters tried to break through the cordons of police, through the Champs Elysees, the Elysee Palace. Law enforcement officers used tear gas and began detention. With 480 detainees, which was delivered in sections 211 people left the detention.

Recall riots began in France on 17 November after the publication of the intentions of the authorities to increase the excise tax on gasoline. November 24, protesters in Paris on the Champs Elysees tried to break through to government buildings and clashed with police. Interior Minister Christoph Kastner stated that the responsibility for the collision in Paris is on the French far-right leader marine Le Pen.