The political career of Theresa may is in danger: the UK started the procedure for a vote of no confidence

Политическая карьера Терезы Мей в опасности: в Британии начали процедуру вынесения вотума недоверия

British MPs on the evening of 12 December will hold a vote to censure the Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may. Voting must attend all 316 deputies from the Conservative party (tories).

To retain the post of party leader and Prime Minister, may enough to for her leadership voted the majority of deputies-conservatives. If this happens, it will be protected from the repetition of this procedure during the year, reports Euronews.

In the case of destruction of the head of government the Tory party will have to elect a new leader for the next three months. May lose the post of Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party.

We will remind, the agreement between the EU and the UK after her release from the block ready for 90%, but the chances remain that the deal was not made at all. 18 October, Prime Minister Theresa may and other European leaders expressed confidence in the transaction Brexit, but both sides are still unable to conclude the agreement on the border in Ireland — this question could derail the entire negotiation process.

Earlier it became known that the UK may withdraw from Brexit, the EU also insists on holding an additional referendum on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Also, the IMF said that the consequences of Brexit may hit hard the financial system of the EU. Therefore, the EU has offered the UK a more attractive offer regarding Brexit. The abolition of exit of Britain from the Commonwealth would happen if the Prime Minister will be the Minister of foreign Affairs of Boris Johnson.

On 14 November, the text of the agreement on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union was finally agreed upon by the parties. Now it must approve the government of the United Kingdom. However, on 15 November because of disagreement with the project Brexit resigned from three Ministers: the Secretary of state for the British Ministry of Affairs of Northern Ireland Shiloh Vara, Minister of Britain on issues of Brexit Dominic Raab and the Minister for work and pensions Esther McVey. In their opinion, the contract is not consistent with the results of the referendum in 2016 and not able to provide a “correct result” for the country’s future. A British member of Parliament Anne Marie Morris called for a censure vote Theresa may in connection with a project developed by Brexit.

According to the survey of the TV channel Sky News, 54% of respondents support the holding of a second referendum on the UK exit from the EU.