The Pope called it immoral U.S. policy on the separation of migrant families

Папа Римский назвал аморальной политику США по разделению семей мигрантов

Populism is not the answer to the immigration question, said the Pope

Pope Francis criticized the policy of the administration of U.S. President Donald trump, which divides the families of migrants at the border with Mexico.

In a conversation with Reuters, the Pope said that he supports the words of the American bishops, who called the separation of children and parents “contrary to our Catholic values” and “immoral”.

“It’s not easy, but populism is not the solution,” he said.

The Pontiff criticized the migration policy of zero tolerance, under which the US authorities plan to prosecute all immigrants detained during illegal border crossings with Mexico, putting adults in prison and their children in state orphanages.

He said that the populists “creating psychosis” in relation to immigration in a time when an aging European society is experiencing “great demographic winter” and needs more migrants.

According to him, without immigration Europe “will be empty.”

In the United States exacerbated the discussion surrounding the divorce of families of illegal migrants.

From April 19 to may 31 due to the policy of “zero tolerance” declared by United States attorney General Jeff Sissom, on the border of Mexico with USA 1995 children were separated from their parents.

The UN believes this practice is “shameful” and urged Washington to stop dividing families of illegal immigrants.

The Ministry of internal security of the United States refused to apologize for implementation of migration policy, which leads to the separation of children and parents.

The southern border of the US cross nationals Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador. Troubled internal situation in these countries gives them the right to international protection.

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