The Prince defeated the King. Tim knocked out Nadal from Australian Open

Rafael Nadal lost to Dominic, Tim, and Alexander Zverev beat Stan Wawrinka. “Soviet sport” – on the men’s quarterfinals of the environment in the Open championship of Australia.

Принц победил Короля. Тим выбил Надаля с Australian Open


Before the start of the tournament Alexander Zverev few believed, despite his more recent status of the third racket of the world. First time out on the court in the new year on the ATP Cup, the German has lost all three games, so last chance to test yourself in the game before Melbourne was over quickly. However, the nature of it not to occupy. Arriving on the first season of the tournament “Grand Slam”, Zverev organized an 11-hour working week to improve some aspects of his game in the first place, serve, because the percentage of hits the second ball he had last season was one of the worst in the ATP Tour. This heavy mini-camp brought the result. Supply has become one of the main trumps in the sleeve Zverev, including, in the match against Stan Wawrinka, where the winner got 13 aces, and 80 percent of cases filed the first time.

Принц победил Короля. Тим выбил Надаля с Australian Open

The match, however, started the better of Wawrinka. The Swiss has won the Australian Open in 2014, powerful, and more importantly, first goal, delivers, moves well around the court, uses a sharp crosses, trying to minimize the number of strokes, and Zverev, very often long votevoice in the match turns out to be such a violent launch is clearly not ready, so just one game in the first set. How then say Alexander, at this point, he’s already mulling over what to say to the press after the defeat. During the break, it like restarts after drinking energy instead of some magic elixir, and the second set comes out a totally different German. He decides to repay to the opponent in the same coin, begins to stay on the back line, but ready at any moment to swoop in and break on the flight, whether the blow line or a sharp transfer. Zverev is playing very quickly, activates all his diverse Arsenal of pitches, tries to court more than three or four times not to linger. In turn, the 34-year-old Wawrinka after actively conducted by the first party out of power, he simply does not have time for heavy and sharp beats younger opponent. For this reason, further Alexander only increases their superiority, and, leaving behind three sets in a row out in the first semi-final of a major.


Принц победил Короля. Тим выбил Надаля с Australian Open

Rafael Nadal failed to beat Dominic Thiem, losing to opponents at their own strengths is a long and tough draws. The Spaniard lacked the sharpness and agility in the middle of exchanges of blows, causing the opponent not only got his shots, but turned them into their own attacks from seemingly defensive positions. From Rafa worked his trademark deep and sharp combinations, and constantly frustrated punches with strong hands. The Austrian had time to adjust and using all of its 185 centimeters tall and has long arms, punched on the flight so that eminent opponent even physically couldn’t follow the flight of the ball.

In the first set, all the fun started in the 8th game. Nadal under “zero” makes the break, playing two sharp blow to the left, leads 5:3 and delivers on the set, but it is not so easy… Tim is not giving up, and in the next game at the third attempt still takes the opponent’s serve, after which the opponents bring it to a tie-break, where full-time duel of forehands Dominic leaves no chance of the first racket of the world, taking four of six points with a powerful shot with the right hand, while Nadal admits two unforced errors perform their favorite curve to the left. The second set is almost a complete copy of the first – the Spaniard again makes the first break, but soon gives up the game on his serve, symbolically completing his double mistake. After that, the spectators on the main arena of the Australian Open again expects the tie-break. Nadal begins for the dead, ripping two forehand, his opponent happily takes the gift and makes it 4:0. And after that moment in the “Dominic Tim” comes in blue, as the courts of Melbourne, the screen – Austrian admits four consecutive unforced errors, making the score equal. However, he always manages to come together and bring the party to victory. Helps another, and another bad beat Nadal with strong hands…

In the third set, all reminiscent of the calm before the storm. The Spaniard, usually begins to pass the first flow, thereby reducing the number of strokes, and, in the case of today’s Nadal – the number of mistakes with the forehand. Tim also delivers the first ball only half of the cases, but if all the same takes, it takes almost everything. Statistics won them the sweepstakes after the first filing space equal to 92 percent. All this leads to the fact that none of the opponents to 10 games never gets even to the break-point, but at the end of the third hour of the first game nerves pass from the Austrians. He again admits four unforced errors and give Nadal the break, and with it the set.

The fourth part of this serial Thriller begins with the fact that Rafa has 3 break-points in the second game, but does not implement any one attempt, then immediately loses his serve, breaking – what do you think? Yes, two consecutive forehand. After that Tim brings to the game, it would seem that to its logical conclusion, serving for the match in the 10th game, but “the curse of the strong hand” catches up with him. Three errors on the right, and the score is equal. Then decided everything was there where it began – on a tie-break. This time it is the most interesting from the point of view of intrigue. Nadal heroically wins back two match points on the opponent’s serve with the score 4:6, but at the crucial moment the legend again brings a strong arm shot into the net and Rafa’s coming home sooner than he expected.

Принц победил Короля. Тим выбил Надаля с Australian Open

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