The Princes and Princesses of Love 2 : A suitor balance on reconciliations to the off, it’s violent (VIDEO)

When a suitor Princes and Princesses of Love 2 decides to swing on the reconciliations between off, it’s pretty violent !

Among the princes, the princesses and their former suitors, war is declared on the social networks ! While Asma rocked recently on the reconciliations between Fiji and Dylan in The Princes and Princesses of Love 2, it is the turn of Tolga to speak of him, and throwing bombs on his account Snapchat. After you have swung that Fiji Ruiz not pleased him not at all, and that his princess had “the attitude of a woman as a couple” on the shooting, the pretender went even further, making big revelations on the links off. In fact, according to him, Laeticia and Rafael would never have slept together contrary to what Dita said in the episodes.

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When you have made a promise of non-violence, but that you start to regret it ???? ???? #lpdla6#tvshow#w9#paris

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After you put things clear on the reconciliations between Laeticia and Rafa, Tolga finally decided to return in the sharp one of the subject, in speaking of a reconciliation between the princes and princesses : “Fiji it was as a couple on the outside, inside she sucks off the b*te to Dylan ( … ), and in the show she is looking for love. I should explain that to me, it is where the concept ? This is of polygamy ? (…) Elsa, she gets shagged by Rafa, in any way, it was all burned out, because at a given time (…) they had been burnt, it was that she had the attitudes weird with him”. You will have understood, like many of the other contenders, Tolda has things to swing, and it does not deprive ! And if not, you can also discover by what rappers famous Dita Princes and Princesses of Love 2 has been tacl?e.