The Princes and Princesses of Love 2 : Adrien to the villa Elsa, Ratiba cry for Dylan, Alix farts a cable… Replay of episode 19

In this episode of the Princes and Princesses of Love 2 Dylan, Fiji, Cynthia and Rafael have a fundamental choice to make…

Back to the villa for Elsa Dasc who comes to learn that Adrien was going to incorporate The Princes and Princesses of Love 2 ! The princess of W9 is ready to start something with Lalou, but Adrien arrives at the same time… Elsa puts things clear and he wishes him the best for the result before moving on. To celebrate (or not), the candidates for a party around the pool ! Dylan and Dita get closer, just as Cynthia and Dimitri. Once again, Anthony Alcaraz a crisis of jealousy that we don’t understand the drafting of melty… The atmosphere completely changes with the arrival of Ermanno and Carole announce the eliminations !

Les Princes et les Princesses de l'Amour 2 : Adrien ? la villa pour Elsa, Ratiba pleure pour Dylan, Alix p?te un c?ble... Replay de l'?pisode 19

Cynthia, Rafael, Fiji and Dylan will have to make their choice. Ratiba crack because she is shy and does not know if it will happen to prevail in the face of Dita ! Fiji is sending the message to the prince, who confides that he has had a crush on, but that fades… To change the ideas, the candidates decide to all go to a nightclub. The princes, princesses and pretenders are gearing up for this evening ! Laeticia and Rafael dance very tight, and Alix decides to intervene and spend time with him. The pretenders are always in competition… also check out here if you know Adrien de LPDLA6 thanks to this quiz !