The Princes and Princesses of Love 2 : Andrew and Asma leave Fiji and Dylan, Cynthia and Anthony Alcaraz leave together… Replay of episode 30

In this episode Cynthia and Anthony Alcaraz is engaged as Elsa and Adrien are together and Andrew and Asma decided to leave the program…

Between the pretenders and the princes and princesses, this is the war on W9 and it continues in this episode with Asma who feels uninteresting in the eyes of Dylan. She took the decision to leave, which hurt Dita ! The drafting of melty we do not expect Andrew to leave also without warning Fiji, and it is under the shock. It’s Khlo? who proclaims to Dylan and Fiji, while the others continue to see their approximation to the swimming pool. Adrien, who share a picnic of your dreams on the beach with Elsa, which made Lalou crazy in the last episode of LPDLA6 is far from all this turmoil… They kiss again!!!

Les Princes et les Princesses de l'Amour 2 : Andrew et Asma quittent Fidji et Dylan, Cynthia et Anthony Alcaraz repartent ensemble... Replay de l'?pisode 30

For the return of Cynthia and Sebastian of Venice, the candidates organize a special evening placed under the sign of love ! When they return, they do the debriefing of their adventures in Italy before the feast. While S?bastien installs his mistresses at the villa, Cynthia goes to the Agency with Anthony to prevent Ermanno they are in love and they leave together, with a beautiful ring ! That’s a lot of departures, which announces new arrivals that will make the buzz soon. Also, find out here what prince of LPDLA6 you are with our quiz special !