The production of the legendary Boeing 747 stops in 2022

La production du mythique Boeing 747 s’arrêtera en 2022

Photo: Michael Probst Associated Press
Launched in 1970, the “Jumbo Jet” Boeing can carry more than 600 passengers in some configurations.

The aircraft manufacturer, Boeing has officially announced on Wednesday that it would cease in 2022, the production of the legendary device 747, as airlines pulled out of their fleet.

Launched in 1970, the “Jumbo Jet” can carry more than 600 passengers in some configurations. But such a capacity, and fuel consumption that it implies, made it less profitable for companies hit by the fall in air transport since the beginning of the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

“Given the current dynamics of the market and prospects, we will stop production of the iconic 747 in 2022,” said the ceo of Boeing, David Calhoun, in a message to employees.

“Our commitment to our customers does not stop at the delivery, and we will continue to support the maintenance of the 747 for a long time “, he added.

The aircraft, of which 1571 copies have been ordered in total, had already virtually ceased to fly to the United States when the american airline company Delta had withdrawn from its fleet of passenger transportation in 2017.

But the 747 has seen its slow agony to be accelerated with the outbreak of coronavirus, which has prompted several companies, including Qantas, British Airways and Lufthansa to announce recently that they were going to separate.

Boeing continued however, until now, to manufacture of the 747 for the transport of goods and military operations.

The plane can also still count on the support of the president of the United States and its Air Force One since two 747-8, larger, more modern, faster and consume less kerosene than current 747-200, are expected by the White House.

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