The protests of “Yellow jackets” in Paris arrested dozens of people

Протесты «Желтых жилетов»: в Париже арестовали несколько десятков человек

Протесты «Желтых жилетов»: в Париже арестовали несколько десятков человек

In Paris, police arrested more than 30 demonstrators who came out today, March 16, the new protest movement of the “yellow jackets.”

As reported by BFM TV, near the triumphal arch between protesters and police clashed. The demonstrators started throwing objects at police units. In response, the police used tear gas. The clashes, police arrested at least 31 of the participants of the protest movement.

Recall, 17 July in Paris and other cities around the country held protests of “yellow jackets” against the increase in fuel prices. Demonstrators rally, block the roads, gas stations, store, fuel and shopping centers.

Over the weekend the event was attended by 125 thousand people, 1385, was detained. In Paris, protesters damaged a triumphal arch, and travelers are forced to shut down the Eiffel tower. Local authorities did not rule out the imposition of emergency.

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Mayor noted that the destruction of the protesters of the Paris shops, has provoked an economic catastrophe. Interior Minister Christoph Kastner stated that the responsibility for the protests in Paris is on the French far-right leader marine Le Pen.

Some protesters were photographed with the flag of the terrorist “DNR”. In the SBU said that the organization of the riots in France involved in special services of Russia and that they expect similar provocations in Belgium, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria and other European countries. According to intelligence agencies, in recent years, the Kremlin is trying to take control of the European radical socio-political structure.

In our copyright material investigated the causes of the protests in France and analyzes the influence of dissent in other countries of Europe.

Earlier it became known that the French authorities have authorized the police to shoot the “yellow jackets”.