The QCA refuses to disclose the advice of the consulting firm McKinsey

La CAQ refuse de dévoiler les conseils de la firme McKinsey

Photo: Jacques Boissinot The canadian Press
The prime minister François Legault

The advice of déconfinement given by the consulting firm McKinsey to the government of Quebec will remain secret… at least for now. The Coalition avenir Québec has blocked Wednesday a motion which asked that to be published at all “notices and documents” produced by a private company.

The Parti québécois had won the support of the liberals, Dominique Anglade (who has long worked for McKinsey) and Québec solidaire for the filing of this motion without notice. By refusing the consent to the filing, the government has de facto denied the motion.

“The motion of the PQ asked for the submission of all notices and documents current and future products by the firm : it was very wide, defended at the end of the day, the press secretary of the prime minister Legault, Ewan Safe. “The mandate of the firm is underway, and many of these documents are working documents, which contain information provided by third parties and information of a tax nature that the government does not consider it appropriate to convey to the time. “

The Duty was unveiled on may 13, the details of the contract of 1.7 million obtained otc by McKinsey. The services of the consulting firm have been selected by the ministère du Conseil exécutif (MCE — that is the department of the prime minister) to assist in the ” establishment of a methodology to operationalize the decisions surrounding the lifting of the measures of the slowing of the pandemic COVID-19 “.

To justify the contract, the MCE wrote that he was ” an urgent need for a modeling that helps to understand the different possible trajectories to balance the evolution of the COVID-19, and the capacity of the health system to treat the case “.


“The government has now filed its plan of déconfinement,” noted Wednesday, the parliamentary leader of the Parti québécois, Martin Ouellet. “If we had had the advice of McKinsey, we would have been able to appreciate the correctness of the proposal. “

Mr. Ouellet said that he did not understand ” this is not in the public domain. The government keeps saying that it is transparent, but he refuses this motion that the request of the transparency. “

To do this, the firm of Legault replied that ” since the beginning of the crisis, the Quebecers were able to see that we are very transparent and we will continue to be so. “

McKinsey & Company Canada, which was awarded the contract, is the local branch of a gigantic firm, which has about 30 000 partners throughout the world.

In the context of the crisis of the COVID-19, the company said it is working with ” several federal agencies and u.s. States “, which provides analysis of data for “informed decision making” about screening, procurement, or the evaluation of the capacity of health networks.

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