The Queen, terrified at the idea of seeing Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle ruin Christmas ? The amazing statements !

While Meghan Markle, and Kate Middleton are at the heart of the most terrible rumors, the Queen would be terrified that the two Duchesses ruin Christmas !

A true conflict ? Well, yes, the meltynautes, since a few days, it is impossible to know what is going on really between the two Duchesses. If the theories continue, and seem to take aspect ratio more and more huge, the Kensington palace was quick to deny the rumor that Kate Middleton would have slapped Meghan Markle without saying more. But then, what happens-does it really ? It is Impossible to know , but the Queen would, in any case, terrified by their rivalry if one believes the information to Life & Style : “Kate has really taken as a personal affront that Doria Ragland has been invited to spend Christmas with the royal family.” The source goes on to confident :

La Reine terrifiée à l'idée de voir Kate Middleton et Meghan Markle ruiner Noël ? Les étonnantes déclarations !

“Kate is married to William for seven years now and not a single time, his family was invited to enjoy celebrations in a luxurious taking place at Sandringham. She is furious and sees it as a knife in the back. She is so upset by this treatment of favor that it intends not to participate in the Christmas royal. She told William that she wanted to spend this holiday with his family to avoid the dramas that are played with Meghan. The Queen is afraid that everything is ruined if the girls did reconcile not. It has, therefore, asked to meet with his or her grandchildren to find a solution before the conflict becomes out of control.” In the meantime, Meghan Markle, and Kate Middleton will be-it met for Christmas to silence the rumors ?