The queens of shopping : Stylish mixing of prints, a candidate rebukes the vendors… Replay of the week

For this week’s special vendors in The Queens of the shopping, the contestants had to play stylish mixing of prints.

This week in The queens of shopping, this is a competition special vendors that announcement ! Our five contestants are all professional, ready-to-wear, and they plan well to leave no chance to their rivals on the theme of stylish mixing of prints. Monday, it was Edith who started his shopping. Despite its original look, the candidate has been deemed off-topic by Cristina Cordula. On Tuesday, it is the very self-assured Meng, who went to the competition special seller. Convinced of having the look “perfect”, the young woman marched in a skirt XXL which has made a sensation in the showroom. but was eventually cropped by its rivals, who have granted a small 4.75 out of average.

Les reines du shopping : Stylée en mixant des imprimés, une candidate rembarre les vendeurs... Replay de la semaine

Wednesday, it’s Mame, who was entitled to his shopping session in the streets of paris. Generous, the candidate has spent his time distilling his fashion tips to his rivals and viewers. A real pro ! Despite a suddenly of heart Cristina Cordula for her purse wicker, Mame has accumulated faux pas, since it has to deal with a penalty of 30 €, and one hour from the end of the chrono, she still had nothing purchased ! Thursday, it is Sandrine who continued the competition. The candidate had some ideas about the look she wanted, and she finally parade with a jacket cactus who would have been able to stick to the theme connected with a jacket-cutter last week in The Queens of shopping.

Les reines du shopping : Stylée en mixant des imprimés, une candidate rembarre les vendeurs... Replay de la semaine

Finally on Friday, it was the young Camille has finished the competition. True fashionista in the soul, the candidate had an impressive dressing room that has been envy of its rivals. Determined to not leave any chance to his rival, Camille has been particularly cold with the vendors, and did not hesitate to rembarrer as soon as they were trying to advise. After fittings, promising the young woman was finally parade through a simple look that has many disappointed its rivals, to the point that Sandrine was awarded a small 3/10 ! After the debriefing of our expert shopping, it is finally Mame that won the competition this week. And, moreover, to know what gain exactly the candidate of the Queens of the shopping, it’s here !