The rating of the best movies of the XX century

Составлен рейтинг лучших фильмов XX века

Составлен рейтинг лучших фильмов XX века

American cameramen chose the best bands of the last century in the framework of the centenary of the society (American Society of Cinematographers, AS) and was named the most outstanding film. All of the tapes in the rating influenced the future of cinema and continue to inspire to this day.

Top 10 movies of the XX century version AS:

  • Lawrence of Arabia 1962 directed by Freddie young. Put it on 1st place because of the professionalism of the crew. The filming took place in Jordan during the heat. To the nearest source of water was necessary to overcome 240 kilometres. The film received 7 Oscars, 4 Golden globes and other awards.
  • “Blade runner” directed by Ridley Scott and operator Jordan Cronenweth.
  • “Apocalypse now” by Francis Ford Coppola and Vittorio Storaro.
  • “Citizen Kane”
  • “The godfather”
  • “Raging bull”
  • “The conformist”
  • “Days of harvest”
  • “2001: a Space Odyssey”
  • “The French connection”

Earlier it was reported that the films of Marvel studios have become the most anticipated film projects of 2019. In the first place of the list is the film “the Avengers 4”. Also The Hollywood Reporter has compiled a list of the worst movies of 2018. The three leaders of the anti-rankings were “Gotti”, “Robin hood” and “Fifty shades freed”.

Became known, some the 2018 was luchsche. This year, the most award-winning movie “Cold war” Polish Director Paul Pawlikowska.