The rats showed signs of human consciousness

Rats can remember past events in chronological order

У крыс обнаружены признаки человеческого сознания

Neuroscientists Indiana University in the US have shown that animals that are not apes are capable of higher nervous activity, characteristic to humans. It was shown that rats can remember past events in chronological order.

In the course of the study, we used 13 rats, which were trained to memorize a list of 12 different odors. Rodents were placed into a special chamber and were rewarded when they learned the flavors, starting with the second or fourth.


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After training, the animals performed a series of tests, each of which is the number of smells have changed to confirm that the animals remembered their position in the list. Thus it was proved that rats were able to mentally reproduce the whole list. On average, animals were successfully 87 percent of the tests, which confirmed that they have episodic memory, which contains information about events that are in a specific order.

It is shown that this type of memory in rodents is characterized by long duration and stability. According to scientists, this will create a convenient for studies of genetically modified animals suffering from neurological disorders similar to the disorders in humans such as Alzheimer’s disease.

About how scientists have cloned a monkey, look at the video below:

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