The recovery of the CAQ risk of expensive and “scraper in the environment,” according to the opposition

La relance de la CAQ risque de coûter cher et de «scraper l’environnement», selon les oppositions

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The president of the Treasury board, Christian Dubé, filed Wednesday a large bill that needs to accelerate 202 infrastructure projects and extend the state of sanitary emergency until the government decides to put an end to it.

The omnibus bill of the government Legault on the economy recovery has monopolized the question period Thursday : the opposition have grave concern about the extraordinary powers which Quebec wishes to adopt to accelerate the achievement of 202 infrastructure projects.

The legislative changes the rules of the game to such an extent that it will allow the expropriations, will lead to “explosion of costs” and “ scrapera the environment “, worried about the elected members of the opposition.

To calm the grumbling, the prime minister François Legault has agreed to convene the Auditor general (VG) to a parliamentary committee, at the request of the head of liberal Dominique Anglade. On Wednesday, the VG has filed a report alleging a lack of rigour in the application and execution of contracts in the ministry of Transport.

However, this same ministry may be very requested in the economic recovery : the draft law of the president of the Treasury board, Christian Dubé, must accelerate 202 infrastructure projects, in addition to extending the state of sanitary emergency until the government decides to put an end to it.

“We want to make permanent the state of public health emergency and reduce the environmental studies, to expropriate citizens’, award of contracts without tender, to override the conclusions of the Charbonneau commission “, has offended the elected liberal André Fortin. “The state of public health emergency, this is not a buffet, the minister of Health can’t use it as she wants “, he warned.

Like him, the elected pq’s Martin Ouellet has made the list of the powers the bill would give to the teams of François Legault. “The government gives itself powers almost unlimited expropriation, to ignore the environmental rules, to circumvent the rules of the municipal organizations and those of the development of the MRC. He gives us the power to change all the laws and regulations to act according to his good will “, he enumerated. In his opinion, ” the CAQ we magazine a second Charbonneau commission with a bad bill “.

The mp solidaire Manon Massé has said of bill 61 that he ” removed [has] rights to the environment, rights for citizens and rights for parliamentarians “.

“Once again, the prime minister opposes economy and ecology “, is she sorry. In response, the prime minister has assured him that he was ready ” to sit down, together, to find a way to reconcile the economy and the environment “.

A “gravedigger” in the environment

The draft bill also provides for the acceleration of popular consultations in the upstream of the evaluation of the Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE). What do say to the elected liberal Marie Montpetit that ” the CAQ has never been interested in the environment “.

“Is the minister of the Environment may, finally, have a column or is it that he will let his colleague on the Treasury to make him the destroyer of all our regulations in the environment ? “, she asked.

“It is possible to go faster, it is not against [the fact of]go faster “, has also declared Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, of Québec solidaire, during a media scrum. “But there’s a difference between going faster and then make it spit hay. Accelerate, it is possible without scraper the environment and without jeopardising the taxpayers ‘ money. “

The liberal Gaétan Barrette, has also expressed concern that the willingness of the Coalition avenir Québec will be accompanied by an “explosion of costs” of infrastructure projects. “All the experts, including the Auditor general, consider that not to apply the rules in a strict way automatically brings a risk of a cost explosion. Everyone, everyone, everyone “, he insisted.

The list of ” projects promoting the recovery of the economy of Quebec “, which is nested in the draft law, is like a “buffet” according to him. “That, mr. president, it is an electoral programme “, he launched the blue Room.

Just before question period, the minister Dubé has tabled a series of amendments to his bill. These have, for the most part, no connection with the criticism of the opposition.

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