The Refuge youth dissociates himself from the dance by Dr. Arruda

Le Refuge des jeunes se dissocie de la danse du Dr Arruda

Photo: YouTube
Dr. Horacio Arruda danced with Rod Le Stod for a music video for a song that makes it in part a tribute to him.

The Refuge des jeunes de Montréal dissociates to a video in which dr. Horacio Arruda dance and which was intended to raise money for young people in difficulty.

A video clip in which the national director of the Quebec public health Horacio Arruda dance with the artist Rod le Stod has been published in the last few hours on social networks.

Rod le Stod, had indicated that the money raised by the clip would be ” donated to an organization helping the homeless youth in Montreal.”

On Monday night, and France Labelle, director general of the Refuge des jeunes de Montréal has published a message on social networks in order to dissociate themselves from this initiative.

“Following the video released today, presenting a choreography of Dr. Horacio Arruda and Rod Le Stod for the benefit of the Refuge for the young and for which we have not been consulted, we want to intervene,” wrote ms. Labelle.

According to it, the time to broadcast such a video ” is not yet come “.

In the video, Dr. Arruda is dancing casually and with humour, but the lyrics of the song to react, several readers : “Everywhere on Earth there’s a oragio/My lightning rod is Horacio/We are lucky to have François Legault/Hang-up all of my rights, I give you the go,” sings Rod Le Stod.

The director-general of the Refuge of the young people pointed out that in the “reason for the malaise that we experience and support to people affected by this crisis, including people experiencing homelessness, we prefer to separate,” adding, however, that the organization recognizes the good intentions of this initiative.

France Labelle has also indicated that it had communicated with the creator of the video to make part of this decision.

“Our objective is not to doubt the good intentions of the video, nor even the remarkable work of Dr. Arruda, but just to emphasize that we do not share the “timing” of the video “, one can read in a publication on the page Facebook of the refuge.

France Labelle added that his organization recognized, however, the good intentions of this initiative.

“But don’t worry, we can’t wait to dance and sing again !” she said.

Singer Dan Bigras, who is the spokesman of refuge des jeunes de Montréal has also explained on his Twitter account that the Refuge of the young, broke ranks with the music video because” it’s too early, while the suffering is so great “.

“For me, our good doctor Horacio can dance all he wants, it makes me happy, he added. But when we associate the name of the #RefugeDesJeunes as credibility, the least you can do would be to call the Shelter.

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