The removal of immunity – Parasyuk explained why in Ukraine do not

Снятие неприкосновенности - Парасюк объяснил, почему в Украине этого не сделают

The Ukrainian President and his team need status immunity, therefore, to deprive politicians of this status will not. This was stated vnefraktsionnyh people’s Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk, the TV channel of our website.

Parasyuk reminded that changes to the Constitution President is not removed immunity, “Poroshenko understands it”.

“Peter understands very well that once he becomes a President of Ukraine, he immediately becomes “touch,” and he needs to find a way out of the situation: whether he will go again in the MPs, or will the transformation of the coalition and he will go to the government, he calculates. But he and his associates this status is very necessary. If integrity wanted to shoot – this is done very quickly,” said Parasyuk.

He also said that if deputies will not be of this status, there will be a chance that “going normal people”.

“When MPs will not be of this status, there will be less to go to evade criminal liability, and there is a chance that they will go normal people”, – said the MP.

As informed you earlier, the Verkhovna Rada on 20 September supported the presidential draft resolution on the immunity.