The results of the week: the results of the banking crisis, combat boats from USA, full monetization of subsidies

							Итоги недели: результаты банковского кризиса, боевые катеры от США, полная монетизация субсидий

Ukraine. The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that the security Service of Ukraine is conducting an investigation on the facts of issuing Hungarian passports to citizens of Ukraine.

Entered into force the law on reform of the sphere of Parking vehicles. Also at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers approved a plan of monetization of subsidies, which consists of three stages. The Ministry of social policy said in any case, the refusal of the employee of management of social protection in the matter of appointment of subsidies is not consistent with the law.



Political analyst Volodymyr Tsybulko: to protest on Bankova may be a part of Russia



In Chernomorsk profit 7 new locomotives General Electric “Trident”.

World. Learned the name of one of the suspects in the poisoning of the Salisbury ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia, as well as the murder of the British citizen don Sturgess. Also the British intelligence services and the police Department for the fight against terrorism have established the identity of the third party’s operations.

The authorities of the Federal länder in Germany have provided permission for laying of one of the spurs of the pipeline “Nord stream-2” on its territory.



Energy expert Sergey Dyachenko: the US has not buried the idea to bury sanctions “Nord stream-2”



The USA brought 10% -s ‘ tariff on imported Chinese goods at $200 billion, in response, China imposed duties on American imports by $60 billion.

The Italian government supported the new anti-immigration legislation, the so-called “decree Salvini”, which greatly strengthened the rules on the admission of refugees and migration.

In America, a solemn ceremony of transfer to Ukraine from the U.S. Coast guard of the two patrol boats class Island — Drummond and Cushing.



Egmont Group the scfm of Ukraine the best in the world



Business. The state budget of Ukraine in August, left in “plus” by 25.15 billion. But the number of banks in Ukraine has decreased by half, the loss amounted to about 40% of GDP — the consequences of the banking crisis 2014-2017.

Germany can Finance the first everywoman in Ukraine. We already know the route.


Author UA.News told about the problems associated with the adaptation of the Ukrainian foreign trade to the new changes in the architecture of international economic relations

The Ministry of economic development and trade announced, as prices increase on bills for the next three years.


In the crisis of Turkish economy considered what danger may await Ukraine

In Ukraine enters the European business. British investment company has submitted the construction project of wind-solar power plant. A German company that specializiruetsya on chemicals, BASF starts production in our country.


Analyzed monetary review September: GDP growth, development of the banking sector, external challenges and a sagging hryvnia

Capital. The Kiev government during the month will present an electronic ticket for travel on all public transport.

Mayor Klitschko told about the possible reconstruction of Kyiv “Palace of sports” and said that it is very similar to “barn of the past.”


In this regard, decided to make a compilation of modernist buildings in the capital, who can become a victim of the bulldozer

In December 2018 over the subway station “Heroes of Dnepr” will open the new shopping center “Oasis”, the construction of which is due to several scandals.

The capital of Ukraine took the second place in the ranking of the ten most popular autumn destinations in Europe for British tourists.

Business Articles

The struggle for pension: investment income non-state pension Fund grow



Sport. To purchase perhaps not only the player, if they really like you and all the team. The former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi bought the football club “Monza”. The American billionaire went further – he bought the London stadium “Wembley”.

President of Kiev “Dynamo” Igor Surkis told about the dismissal of head coach Aliaksandr Khatskevich. The fans and players mocking the player Yarmolenko. The reason was an incredible blunder.

UEFA disqualified striker of the club “Juventus” Cristiano Ronaldo in the group stage of the Champions League.

Technology. The us space Agency NASA has found the lost Mars Rover Opportunity, however, specialists found the problem. Meanwhile, Musk has demonstrated the visualization of the Martian base alpha. In the illustration you can see from the surface of the red planet rocket takes off Big Falcon Rocket.

Determine the persons responsible for the displacement of the axis of the Earth.



Political analyst Yevgeny Magda: Ukraine is no threat to Hungarian separatism, like Russia in the Crimea



Scientists from the University of Lapland has offered to build around Antarctica a giant wall might have heard of the President of the United States.

Lifestyle. The organizers of the contest “Miss Ukraine” decided to select the title of the winner of 2018 at 23-the summer inhabitant of Kiev Veronica Didushenko. How will you determine a new possessor of the crowns pageant, the organizers said.

Archaeologists discovered in the ruins of the city of Cuma near Naples tomb of the II century BC, which was supposedly buried person (or people) of the elite of the local society.