The return of Julie Snyder confirmed

It’s confirmed: Julie Snyder will have her talk show at V for 13 weeks this winter. As I announced in Le Soleil last month, the animator was actively preparing for her return, and her choice finally turned to this project.
Q ome more details have filtered through the formula, including Julie finds his accomplice Stéphane Laporte. “Julie is the best talk show host. She returns to her first love, it excites me, “says the designer, who has been hounding her friend for 10 years to get back to this formula. As much as Julie was nervous about co-hosting The Indian Summer five years ago, the show has given her a sting for the talk show. “It made me feel good, I really liked that,” she says.

Stéphane Laporte believes that Indian summer has been a good laboratory for the new program to come. “It goes without saying that she will come back to the talk show,” he says. The daily news of one hour will be presented from Monday to Thursday at 21h, unusual time for a talk show. But the target audience of V is not in front of his screen at 22h. As is the case for most talk shows, two shows will be shown live, and two will be recorded on Mondays and Wednesdays. “It was very important for me to do it live, but the recording will allow us things that live does not allow us,” says the host.

What madness will allow the woman for her first, she who plunged into the river for Hell is us, caught fire for the fist J , jumped a gun in France and water ski with Céline for L Indian summer ? “I have not lost the taste for risk. I want to keep that, “says Julie, who will produce the show at Productions ToRoS. Too early to give other details, but we will use “sequences of the real life of a facilitator”. “Julie is not only entertaining on the air, she has the same craziness outside the cameras,” argues Stéphane Laporte.

If Julie took so long to return to the talk show, it was among other things to devote herself to her children, and even before, multiple attempts to fertilize in vitro. Her last daily talk show goes back to her French experience in 2000, with Vendredi, c’est Julie, first weekly, but which was declined each evening on France 2. As I wrote, the host received other enticing proposals, but for the moment, it intends to focus entirely on the talk show.

It’s sort of a comeback for Julie to V since she made her debut at the late TQS, including as a columnist on the show Wow , before going on with Marguerite and company and the animation of Sortir . “Julie has changed the way of doing TV,” says Stéphane Laporte.

On Tuesday, Groupe V Média entrusted its new star with the animation of the evening of presentation of the autumn-winter grid to the advertisers, what is called in the trade a trade show. A way to propel the host in the foreground for his comeback. Nothing has been announced yet about Phil invites himself, that also produces Julie Snyder, but will we want two talk shows on the same antenna?

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