The Return of Mary Poppins : Disney-t-he planned a sequel ?

The Return of Mary Poppins is a cardboard box-office. Should we expect a sequel ?

The Return of Mary Poppins has brought magic and fantasy to our screens at Christmas, and the success of the film may well be worth a sequel… The Disney Studios are not renowned for wasting time when it comes to capitalize on the good functioning of one of their feature films, and Mary Poppins is no exception to this rule. The site of the Sun has revealed that the bosses of the studios to the large ears are already in the process of putting a suite on rails, information confirmed by director Rob Marshall. And Emily Blunt (whose delivery has convinced the public) will, of course, on the front of the stage in the costume of the beloved nanny.

Le Retour de Mary Poppins : Disney a-t-il pr?vu une suite ?

“It is still in the early stages of development, but I can already say thatthere are eight books, so there’s a lot of good material to exploit. It is from this that we are working on these amazing novels signed P. L. Travers. So, you know…” confided Rob Marshall. He also made reference to two other sagas managed by Disney : “Listen, how many Star Wars movies have been made, you see what I mean ? Or of James Bond. If there is a good character and stories to tell, why not ?” This suggests that the success of this Mary Poppins 2.0 could be the beginning of a new franchise. With all these projects and brainstorming at Disney, not sure that Mary Poppins was still a secret to us in the future !