The Return of Mary Poppins : Jane and Michael Banks meet the nanny of their children in a new excerpt !

Only a few more days before experiencing The Return of Mary Poppins in theaters. It offers you right now as a preview release !

Find Mary Poppins just before the year-end holiday season is a magical idea ! The most famous nanny in the history of cinema will be back for new adventures and this is the English actress Emily Blunt, who slips into the role in order to enchant our lives and plunge us back into childhood. In The Return of Mary Poppins, directed by Rob Marshall, we find Jane and Michael Banks who have grown well and who unfortunately do not have the easy life. Fortunately, they will be able to count on the arrival of an old acquaintance, a person who has marked their life and as you can see in the above extract, the surprise is of size.

Le Retour de Mary Poppins : Jane et Michael Banks retrouvent la nounou de leur enfance dans un nouvel extrait !

Mary Poppins has not forgotten the children Banks, nor any of their bad habits and she never fails to point it out to them with his frankness legendary… We don’t know for you, but we look forward to all the find for this new adventure which will be punctuated magic, new songs and new characters. Yes, we will come alongside Emily Blunt Lin-Manuel Miranda, Colin Firth or even Meryl Streep and Julie Walters !