The richest man in the world breaks up with his wife

Самый богатый человек мира расстается с супругой

The head of the Amazon, the richest man of the world 54-year-old Jeff Bezos breaks up with his wife Mackenzie. This was announced in a joint statement on the social network. Now they have to divide 137 billion.

According to Gleb Cranes on the site “WORLD 24”, when the pair met in the ‘ 90s, no one could not think that a young assistant to the head of the investment Fund will be for the aspiring writer a start in life. For years to come. And lucky lottery ticket – first millions, then billions of dollars. And here is the love boat of the richest families on the planet Earth could not stand the burden and drowned. Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie tuttle no longer a couple. And as announced to their fans

“We want people to know about the changes in our lives. As you know our family and close friends, after a long test feelings of strength and the trial separation, we decided to get a divorce and continue our life together as friends,” – said in social networks.

Friendship is friendship, and money separately. To see how the richest man in the world will cease to be so, the dream of millions. It’s no joke to say – the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos in November 2017 has been declared the richest man in the world for 100 billion dollars. After a few months he earns another six billion, but Forbes now estimates his fortune at $ 140 billion. But all this while he was married. From a financial point of view, this divorce is a very bold decision.

“One of my goals is to inspire people to be brave. People love to dwell on the things that they have not yet obtained. And that’s fine, it’s in human nature to doubt. But the hardest part is to convince people to take the brave decision to take the risk. And risks, experiments by their nature unknown, it is unknown what they will bring. But you know, success, it always compensates for the millions and millions of things that somehow did not work”, – said the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos.

When Jeff and Mackenzie got married in 1993, and founded a modest online retailer Amazon for selling books, they hardly thought about a prenup, it is now writing to the local tabloids. But if there is no contract, the laws of the state of Washington billions of Bezos and his now ex-wife will have to divide in half.

Will have to share not just money. But and children. The couple has three sons and an adopted daughter from China.