The roadblocks will be lifted in the Bas-Saint-Laurent, in spite of the popular pressure

Les barrages routiers seront levés au Bas-Saint-Laurent, malgré la pression populaire

Les barrages routiers seront levés au Bas-Saint-Laurent, malgré la pression populaire

The territorial limits of the region of Bas-Saint-Laurent will be re-opened to the free circulation as of Monday.


May 15, 2020 18h06


The roadblocks will be lifted in the Bas-Saint-Laurent, in spite of the popular pressure

Les barrages routiers seront levés au Bas-Saint-Laurent, malgré la pression populaire

Les barrages routiers seront levés au Bas-Saint-Laurent, malgré la pression populaire

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MATANE — In spite of the pressure from a majority of elected representatives and the population as well as a petition of more than 20,000 signatories for the control points by road from the Bas-Saint-Laurent are maintained, the territorial limits of the region will be reopened to the free circulation as of Monday. This is what has been announced, Friday, the public health directorate of the Bas-Saint-Laurent.

Quebec is not on its decision announced on 29 April. Throughout the week, the directors of public health have had discussions with the competent authorities to know if it was possible to delay the lifting cords health. The director of public health in the Bas-Saint-Laurent, Sylvain Leduc, has made to the national directorate of public health of the concern expressed by several citizens regarding the reopening of the region, but it has chosen to follow his plan déconfinement gradual.

“It is not in a bubble”

If Dr. Leduc recognizes that the dams have had a positive effect on his region, he says, however, do not have other option than to adapt to the government’s decision. With only 42 cases as of Friday, the Bas-Saint-Laurent occupies the most enviable of Quebec on the map of the lowest rate of contagion per 100 000 inhabitants. “People are going to realize that it is not in a bubble and that what we are experiencing here is everywhere”, lance-t-il. The fear that a relaxation of the rules aimed at curbing the spread of the virus gives way to the confidence he gives to the place of the citizens who, according to him, include the importance of sanitary measures. “In all consistency with what happened elsewhere, I don’t have the choice, drops the doctor. But, my concern is to protect my people; it wakes me up at night!”

Therefore, Dr. Leduc reiterates the importance of washing hands regularly and to comply with a social distancing of two metres. “The recommendation of the port mask applies to all Quebecers, especially when the two meters may not be respected,” he recalls.

Avoid displacement, inter-regional

The regional director of public health highlighted that even if the area will be reopened as of Monday, it is always recommended to avoid travel between cities and regions, except for medical reasons, for work or for the transportation of goods. Police checks could be exercised and people may have to provide supporting documentation, in the opinion of Dr. Leduc. “I leave it to police to handle it, said the doctor. I appeal to the good faith and cooperation of citizens.”

The regional direction of public health recommends that people who own second homes in the region being placed in solitary confinement for 14 days upon their arrival. “I have no other means than to rely on the good will of the people, points out Sylvain Leduc. The Bas-Saint-Laurent has always been an area extremely inviting and will be even. I don’t encourage the behaviour of denunciation.”

Vigilance is still

Based on the example of the back-to-school, which went very well, and where the detachment physics is observed, the regional director of public health do not hope least after the opening of the Bas-Saint-Laurent. “We will remain vigilant, he says, however. We all have to make efforts in terms of prevention. It is clear that it will closely follow the epidemic curve. But, for projections, it does take a lot of cases. Therefore, we cannot, at this stage, to have a scenario A, B or C.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 4 000 screening tests COVID-19 have been carried out in the Bas-Saint-Laurent. Of this number, 42 were positive, thus representing 1% of all people tested. “There have been outbreaks that they have managed to contain,” says Dr. Leduc. The Bas-Saint-Laurent also recorded two deaths.

Rimouski favourable to the déconfinement

At his point of weekly press, the mayor of Rimouski, which was the only one elected of the regional roundtable of elected officials of Bas-Saint-Laurent (TREMBSL) to be raised in support of the reopening of the region, returned to his dissent. “I have received a lot of comments on my page Facebook regarding my position on the déconfinement regional, said Marc Parent. The comments were mostly negative, but also a very large number was positive. […] There is a great polarization of views within the population. Unfortunately, in many cases, the comments on social networks are offensive to the opinion of others […]. I think it is important to continue to demonstrate compliance with […]!” Mr. Parent reiterated that his point of view was in support of the decisions of the department of public health.

Mayor Parent defends himself saying that his position was not shared by all of the members of its board, as had been alleged the councillor Véronique Proulx. “It’s been a minimum of three weeks that I advocated the same position and never members of my city council do not have shared with me the fact that they were in disagreement with this position.” He has qualified Véronique Proulx, from “woman is very smart, but also extremely ambitious”. “Some may suggest that it has begun its election campaign for the mayor in the next elections”, he continued.

If the TREMBSL has indicated, by way of a press release, it notes the decision to re-open the region, it underlines that the Council of physicians, dentists and pharmacists of the Centre for integrated health and social services in the Bas-Saint-Laurent application the maintaining in full of control points road, “as long as the six criteria for a déconfinement safe to the world health Organization will not be achieved”.

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