The Rolling Stones are threatening to Trump legal action

Les Rolling Stones menacent Trump d'action en justice 

Les Rolling Stones menacent Trump d'action en justice 

The Rolling Stones deny that Donald Trump is using their songs at rallies of his companion of the president.


June 28, 2020 9h46

Updated at 16h12


The Rolling Stones are threatening to Trump legal action

Agence France-Presse

LONDON — The british rock band the Rolling Stones threat to the u.s. president Donald Trump would sue him if he continues to use one of their songs, You Can’t Always Get What You Want at the events of his campaign.

The rockers are in line with the american organization of protection of music rights, BMI, which has warned that any future use of a work by the Rolling Stones during the campaign of Donald Trump would violate its license agreement with the organization.

“The BMI has informed the campaign team of Trump in the name of the Stones that the unauthorized use of their songs would be a violation of the license agreement”, according to a press release published by the news site Deadline, based in Hollywood. The article Deadline has been retweeted by the official Twitter account of the legendary rock group.

“If Donald Trump is not taken into account and persists, it would then be sued for having broken the embargo and have played music is not allowed.”, it is stressed in this press release.

Many artists are opposed to the use of their music by Donald Trump. The rock group Queen had risen against the use of one of the most known songs of the repertoire of rock — We Are the Champions — during an appearance on the stage with Donald Trump at the republican convention in 2016.

The group had explained on Twitter that their tube had been used “against their will”.

Adele, R. E. M, Neil Young… many artists or their heirs, have also denounced the use of their works for the raising republicans.

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