The RTC flayed by the VG on its management contracts for the midibus

Le RTC écorché par le VG sur sa gestion des contrats pour les midibus

Photo: Jacques Boissinot The canadian Press
The general auditor of the City of Québec, Michel Samson

The réseau de transport de la capitale (RTC) is rapped on the knuckles by the auditor general of the City which accuses him of having badly managed the contracts for the midi-buses in particular.

“The RTC should have taken steps from the outset to avoid the situation in which he finds himself today,” wrote the auditor Michel Samson in a report filed Monday evening at the meeting of the city council.

In Quebec, the midi buses are electric minibuses for the tourist areas and the routes less busy. In recent years, they have often put the RTC into trouble because of numerous failures and breakage.

According to the auditor, the RTC would have had to negotiate his second contract with the belgian company Van Hool, who is the sole provider of these devices. In the absence of having done so, he finds himself faced with a “monopoly” for the supply of spare parts, ” where it is impossible to compare the value of those coins on the north american market for equivalent parts “.

“The contract would have had to ask, at the outset, prices for the spare parts,” said the auditor in an interview. As a result, the RTC is therefore “a bit dependent on the price” and ” incapable of negotiating “.

Mr. Samson, however, was not able to say what has been the financial impact of these gaps. Also Impossible for him to make a link between the failings identified in its report and the technical problems of the devices in recent years.

Other details will follow.

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